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My Fit in Ministry

I felt my first calling to ministry as a youth, as my family belonged to a vibrant community church. The youth programs at our church included the means by which to inspire young people like myself to pursue a strong Christian life and identity. Part of the way we participated in the community was by lifting up those whose spirits were in doubt or darkness. Several of my peers were starting to stray from the path of God, many were getting into trouble, and some were doing drugs. I took it upon myself to visit each of these kids at their houses, to help them find their way back to Christ. Not all responded, but many did and some of those same kids are right with me on the path toward Christian ministry.

Inspired and empowered by the way youth ministry was changing me, I continued to pursue a spiritual path. Before taking this course, I became involved in several Christian organizations and provided charitable service to the community. Working with at-risk youth has been an important part of my youth ministry outlook. I have also applied myself to working with terminally ill children, helping them and their families to find meaning and solace in God during their time of great need. Through times of suffering, people have the potential to awaken to Christ.

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Although not a political person by nature, it became impossible to avoid the political aspect of youth ministry. When there was a need or a calling, we would respond in ways that would raise awareness in the community. Protesting, speaking with the media, and writing a blog were some of the ways my colleagues and I spread the word of God. For years, I have served my community as an evangelist for Christ, helping young people to discover their unique gifts and reach their potential by finding or rediscovering their faith. I have found that young people struggling with issues like broken homes or delinquency are simply looking for God, and I believe that Christ has worked through me so that I can help them.

Part Two: Spiritual Gifts

TOPIC: Term Paper on Religion My Fit in Ministry I Felt Assignment

I believe God has bestowed on each one of us spiritual gifts that must be applied to helping others. My spiritual gifts have emerged in the realm of healing. Influenced by Christ and the Christian healers that have pursued His path, I have actively served others as a healer in God's name. I believe that healing is my greatest spiritual gift, which I hope and intend to cultivate in the years to come. Pride is the only potential weakness that could emerge or surface, as I must regularly remind myself that it is Christ, and not I, who heals. I have yet to struggle significantly with ego, but as I get older and more entrenched in the Christian community, issues related to personal power and prestige may come in the way of my ability to help and heal. Therefore, I need to always surround myself with people on the path of righteousness, never going astray for selfish or greedy reasons.

Healing is the essence of Christ's love, which imparts a salvific force. For this reason, I know I need to continue learning through healing. There is unfortunately little in the way of pragmatic programs that can teach me how to heal; I simply need to be still and listen to God and let Him work through me. Only by reminding myself that I am a vehicle for His work can real healing take place. I have worked with sick children and their distressed parents enough to see that bringing them faith and trust in God is often a sufficient means by which to achieve salvation and wholeness. Jesus is the greatest healer; the One who alleviates anxiety and fear: "Don't be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed," (Luke 8:50).

Part Three: Church Evaluations

My evaluations of several ministries including Sojourn Church, Brooklyn Tabernacle, and Christ Fellowship Church have helped me to formulate a personal path to ministry. The common thread among these and other ministries I have evaluated has been prayer. "And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord's people," (Ephesians 6:18). Prayer for others, or intercessory prayer, is the benchmark of a successful ministry. I do not believe that it is possible to fulfill Christ's mission or will without praying actively for others. One of the strongest messages of scripture is the power of prayer; and we pray not so that we are free from suffering but so that all human beings can come to know God and be saved. The Bible teaches us that belief is a prerequisite of effective prayer: "If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer," (Matthew 21:22).

Therefore, evangelizing and bringing people to God is the cornerstone of successful ministry. Prayer for others includes a prayer that others may find God. Prayer helps to destroy sinful tendencies in people, which I have seen with my own two eyes working with delinquent youth. Reviewing established ministries like Sojourn Church and Brooklyn Tabernacle, I see that prayer groups are one of the most important aspects of their service to the community. By gathering together in His name, Christians create a powerful community of prayer. The community of prayer reflects our commitment to Christ and the Gospel, and to expanding continually the Christian community so that all may know Him. My findings related to the importance of intercessory and group prayer do not just fit with my ministry path; these findings related to prayer are and will be the foundation of that ministry.

Part Four: Interaction with Church Leaders

Continuing what I have learned and gleaned from observing various successful ministries, I worked with church leaders who embodied Gospel truths in their service. The most important aspect of successful ministry, I observed, was the ability and willingness to pray for others. Prayer is deeply rooted in scripture, as the means by which the human being interacts with the Holy Spirit and helps God create the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

My interaction with church leaders has affected my pursuit of ministry by inspiring me to read and study scripture related to prayer. However, I have also recognized that I have a lot to learn. I need to be a better and more active witness. As it is said in scripture: "That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched -- this we proclaim concerning the Word of life," (John 1:1). Being a witness to and for God will best prepare me for a path in ministry.

The church leaders I interacted with had a strong command of scripture, and never wavered in their understanding of the Bible. Their every word reflects Christ's message of truth, which they deliver in sermons and through their service to the community. Successful church leaders create practical means by which individuals can find God, or if they have gone astray, rediscover God. Prayer is the most effective and important means by which a minster serves the community. With regular prayer for the yet-to-be-saved, the minister can embolden the Kingdom.

Part Five: My Fit in Ministry

A deep and honest self-reflection reveals that I have proven faith in Christ. I am on a correct, good, and righteous Christian path. Ministry is my calling, and I am ready and willing to carry out God's will through service in the Church. The next steps for me as I prepare to serve God include the formalization of my ministry, and the pursuit… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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