Religion Judaism and Christianity European Society, Politics Term Paper

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Judaism and Christianity

European society, politics, beliefs and religion have forgone a lot of changes during the age of Enlightenment in the 18th Century. Initiated by a cluster of intellectuals, social and political movements, the age of enlightenment brought forth several amendments on European Laws that directed the diminution of several laws that restricts and prohibits Jews to intermingle with other people of other sects and worldly experiences. The age of enlightenment served as a turning point wherein Jews are allowed to an education and experience worldly pleasures and familiarity. This new acquired freedom in the 18th century have permitted Jews to non-religious knowledge unlike the old age of Judaism wherein Jews were only confined to their own religion and knowledge surrounding the age old practice and belief of Judaism. Jewish secular movement has also spurred practices of inter-marriage and assimilation in the Jewish community. In the reformed Judaism, the conduction of prayers is done in the vernacular. Traditional Middle Age Judaism does not incorporate translations of these prayers. Middle age Judaism also constitutes the segregation of men and women on all religious activities unlike reformist Jewish practices where both men and women have equal responsibility and function in religious adherence.

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Jews around the world observes several events and traditional activities that give homage to the historical events of the Jewish people. They observe Sabbath day in respect to the laws of the 10 commandments given to Moses by God. Tish-bav is an event wherein Jews worldwide conforms to fasting in respect to the five events that befallen the Jewish people. Circumcision is a traditional event among Jewish men and has been also adapted by the Christian world. This is in respect to the covenant made by God to the father of all Jews, Abraham.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Religion Judaism and Christianity European Society, Politics, Assignment

Jewish debates and skeptic argument always denotes rejection to Jesus' teachings and gospels.

Various reactions and opinions regarding Jesus have been published ever since Jesus' founding of Christianity. Jewish philosophy in general disagrees in the portrayal of the Jewish clergy… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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