Religion Outline the Early History of Hinduism Book Review

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Outline the early history of hinduism. How did the gods and rituals brought by the Aryans blend with native religions to produce classical hinduism?

Hinduism is a byproduct of Aryan Brahminism with the incorporation of ideas from other religions. The foundation for Hinduism was laid during the Vedic Age, when Vedas or Brahminism was the dominant religion. Before Hinduism emerges as the dominant faith, Buddhism enjoyed a long period of supremacy. During this era, Buddhism influenced the traditions of Hinduism. Buddhism declined due to the rise of the Gupta Empire which placed Hinduism as the preeminent religion of the subcontinent (Hopfe & Woodward 74-121).

Define the Rig-Veda, the Upanishads, and the Law of Manu. Show how these three bodies of literature demonstrate basic Hindu religious concepts.

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Hinduism has a variety of different works; the oldest is the Vedic literature. The Vedic literature is an assortment of stories, songs, and ceremonial instructions that the Aryans created before and during their arrival in India. The largest of this collection of literature is in the four Vedas -- the Rig Veda being the oldest. The Upanishads are philosophical scriptures that serve as the basis for many schools of Hinduism. They teach in order to break the cycle of rebirth and death human beings must realize the self-realization that the atman, or true self, is the same as their Brahma or transcendent self. This causes release from the cycle of life and death. The Law of Manu is a body of work that is said to be the words of Brahma, the deity. It serves as the authority on Dharma, or one's personal obligations depending on an individual's social status (Hopfe & Woodward 74-121).

3. Discuss Jainism and Buddhism as heresies of Hinduism. What was the fate of these two religions in India? Elsewhere in Asia?

TOPIC: Book Review on Religion Outline the Early History of Hinduism. Assignment

Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism share common routes from the Vedic tradition. Yet, each religion is unique. Jainism neither accepts nor denies the existence of gods, declaring that human perfection is the ultimate end of life (Hopfe & Woodward 122-133). Perfection is achieved through karma and is determined by an individual's present life. This religion teaches that all forms of life have souls including inanimate objects. Buddhism like Jainism preaches enlightenment and holds the belief that anyone can reach enlightenment (Hopfe & Woodward 134-162). These two religions are at odds with Hinduism because it defies the caste system by preaching anyone can be enlightened not just the social elite and shunning the religious rituals and ceremonies once performed by Brahmins (Hopfe & Woodward 74-121). These two religions are not as prominent in India as they once were. Buddhism's decline saw the rise of Hinduism. However, Buddhism is a major religion in other parts of Asia and successfully spread beyond India.

4. What central lesson must Arjuna learn from his conversation with Krishna in the Bbagavad Gita?

The Bhagavad Gita is one of the 18 books in the Mahabharata, an epic which is a major part of Hindu tradition. The premise of The Bhagavad Gita revolves around Arunja faced with the prospect of fighting a civil war to regain the kingdom that belonged to him and his brother. He faces opposition from friends, family, and former mentors. Instead of seeing bloodshed on both sides, Arunja decides not to fight. Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu, tries to convince Arunja to change his mind. In one of the central discussions of the book, Krishna lays… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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