Religion and Politics Have Long Been Intersecting Thesis

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Religion and politics have long been intersecting factions. In fact, America's founders were so concerned about the complication that come form the intersection of these two factions that they established a separation between church and state. The purpose of this discussion is to critically assess a popular depiction of the relationship between politics and religion in the contemporary world.

Religion and Politics

Following the terrorist attacks of 9/11 there has been a great deal of emphasis placed on the relationship between politics and religion. This is particularly true as it pertains to the Muslim Religion. Following the terrorists attacks many Muslim Americas were discriminated against because of preconceived notions about the Muslim faith due to the actions of Muslim extremists. This discrimination has created the issue of providing religious freedom while still making concessions for national security. That is the ability to practice religion freely is now made more complicated because of concerns about national security (Farr, 2008). Because governments in the West are built upon the notion of religious freedom, there is a careful balance that must be struck so that citizens are not put in danger and people still have to ability to freely practice their religion.

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In addition, as a result of the terrorist attacks war was declared in Afghanistan and Iraq. Politicians have been careful to describe these missions as war on terrorism. However, there is an underlying tension which reflects the belief that these wars are actually against Islam and the nations that practice the Islamic faith (Bilgrami, 2003).

TOPIC: Thesis on Religion and Politics Have Long Been Intersecting Assignment

Tosteson (2003) asserts that religion is responsible for the plague of war. That is people that have different religious beliefs persists to war against each other based on the idea that one religion is superior to another. In this way differences of opinion based on religious beliefs become political because of physical aggressions that occur. This phenomenon takes place from generation to generation creating a plague of war (Tosteson, 2003) .

In recent years there has also been a great deal of tension between Christian fundamentalist and more liberal political factions as it pertains to issues such as abortion and gay marriage. In both cases religion and politics have become intertwined and in some ways seem to be inseparable even though there has been an effort to separate the tow. On a fundamental level, religion tends to form the belief systems of individuals.

When there are large numbers of individuals within a country who share the same religion, it is inevitable that politics becomes influenced by society. Marty (2003) asserts that "in recent decades, many experts have marshaled empirical data demonstrating a secular trend in modern societies. Still other experts, marshaling different data, have documented a resurgent religiosity in these same societies (Marty, 2003)." Although there is conflicting evidence as to the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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