Religion/Theology Environment and Globalization Christine Term Paper

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If global corporations think only of growth and income, they do not include everyone in their plan.

The next suggested step is a "new participation'42 by "creative leadership'42 within the Christian community. Burke suggests that a new view needs to emerge. The Church must change, become more aware, and more vocal towards the health of societies. The rich nations have the means to ransack the earth of its resources without regard to those less fortunate. At some point one must ask what the real cost of an SUV is, how much grain does a cow consume, and where does all the non-reclaimed garbage go? A holistic view encompasses each aspect of the whole. Globalization forces a narrow view on the world without considering the whole.

The final step is to return to the roots of our collective past and pray for the wisdom to create and share a vision that includes every part of the world, not only those who can pay for admission. One must move within the Christian community to enlarge its vision beyond the needs of the few, toward a holistic view of the many. "Nature has always had this potential of pointing to the divine."40 Burke urges the Christian community to reconnect to nature, understand and spread the impact of globalization throughout its community, and shape a new path toward a future that includes life.

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In conclusion, Christine Burke calls for a new vision. She believes that each individual can contribute toward this vision by becoming aware. One's faith must participate in the world and its healing, and the Christian community must live their faith. Burke sees this as the mandate of the gospel. Personal choices, community choices, world choices, must reflect holistic goals if the world is to survive. If one can change oneself, then one can change the world, and who better to follow that Jesus?

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Religion/Theology Environment and Globalization Christine Assignment

Burke, Christine E. "Globalization and Ecology." Earth Revealing, Earth Healing Ecology and Christian Theology. Ed. Denis Edwards. 2001 by The Order of St. Benedict, Inc.: Collegeville,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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