Religion / Theology Reaching Out Thesis

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Tunisia is today a country that appears to be open for a spiritual as well as political transition. Tunisia received its independence from France in 1956, but future rulers were authoritarian and corrupt, hence there has been instability in this country of 10.7 million, 98% of whom are Arab and Sunni Muslim (Bishku, 2013, 57). There are four "distinct ethnic groups" in Tunisia: Arabs, Berbers, "dark-skinned people of sub-Saharan origin, and Jews" (Ennafaa, et. Al, 2006). The economy in Tunisia had been forecast to experience 5.4% growth; however the finance minister (Jalloul Ayed) announced a new forecast of just 1% growth, hence the need for a revitalized government approach to the economy (Maddy-Weitzman).

Women's rights have been part of the basis for the Arab uprisings against authority, and although the Holy Bible (in particular the Old Testament) makes women second-class citizens, and issues decrees against women teaching or speaking in church, in Tunisia (Megahed, et al., 2011) an upgrading of the status of women is part of the agenda for change, and modern Christians fully accept and promote the concept of gender-educational equality (Megahed, 57). To wit, women in Tunisia reportedly have "the highest rate of female literary… in the Arab world" (Maddy-Weitzman, 2011).

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Maddy-Weitzman also points out that the multitude of demonstrators in Tunisia in 2011 demanded the separation of "mosque and state"; in other words, the government should not be imposing religious laws on people.

Thesis on Religion / Theology Reaching Out Assignment

To date there are approximately 1,500 Christians in Tunisia and according to a post on, Christians will appear on Tunisian television; we pray there will not be any persecution of those bringing missionary messages to Tunisians. There is historical evidence of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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