Religion Vocabulary, Christianity Essay

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Luke also talks about the baptism of Jesus and His temptations; and finally, details the crucifixion and resurrection. There are several parables contained in the text, which are among the most fruitful of the Bible such as the parable of the good Samaritan (NIV).

b. Important religious holidays and details about celebrating them:

Easter: Easter is the holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is not just one day, but is the culmination of a series of holidays known sometimes as the Holy Week. The Holy Week starts with Good Friday, which commemorates the day of the crucifixion. The date of the Easter holiday changes from year to year (BBC Religion). Specific ways of celebrating Easter differ greatly depending on one's denomination.

Christmas: The holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus. It is celebrated on December 25 by most Roman Catholics and Protestants, and on January 7 by Orthodox Christians (BBC Religion). The rituals and methods of celebration differ depending on one's denomination.


Reformation Sunday: the holiday commemorating the start of the Protestant Reformation. It usually occurs on the last Sunday of October ("Questions and Answers about Reformation Day," n.d).

Good Friday: The Friday before Easter is a "day of mourning" for Christians because it commemorates the "Passion," or crucifixion of Jesus (BBC Religion, n.d.).

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• Birth, wedding, and death practices [not beliefs, but actual celebrations]

These important life rituals differ depending on the culture, but generally Christian rites of passage include a baptism or Christening for the young child. The Christian wedding is administered by a priest or pastor, who blesses the union in the name of God. A Christian death ritual is generally a burial rite.

• At least two sacred places for the faith, and how the places are significant

TOPIC: Essay on Religion Vocabulary, Christianity: Citing Your Assignment

The Holy Land (Israel and Palestine) are the most important places for the faith because these are the places where Jesus lived and taught. However, there are many other places that are sacred for Christians. For Roman Catholics, this would be St. Peter's basilica at the Vatican because this is the seat of power of the Church. There are also many churches and monastaries throughout Europe that house religious relics.

• Other information of interest to you

Christianity has had a great impact on world culture and politics, and remains an important aspect of human society.


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