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As long as nurses are seen as little more (and sometimes less) than backups to doctors, their independent research and practice guidelines will continue to receive short shrift by government entities. This, unfortunately, contributes to disorganization and a lack of standardization.

Disorganization is especially detrimental in the area of rural and isolated community health programs, as a lack of centralization is the key factor inhibiting effective treatment and care programs for such communities (Banner et al. 2010; Coyle et al. 2010). The establishment of more permanent and effective networks is needed not simply to help standardize care and ensure efficient information sharing and needs awareness among nurses in a given region or nation, but it is specifically needed to coordinate rural area health programs, outbreak responses, and primary car provision (Coyle et al. 2010). Past research has shown that nurses must be the front line of medical provision for rural and isolated individuals and communities, but it is clear that more research into how the nursing needs in this area and in the profession as a whole can be better publicized and acted upon not simply by fellow nurses, but by others in the medical profession or in positions to affect governmental and professional policy (Banner et al. 2010; Naylor & Kutzman 2010).


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It is unquestionably true that nursing has advanced as a profession and a science a considerable degree since the nineteenth century, when it was first truly codified as such. The needs and barriers discovered by nurses in attempts to provide and research primary medical care provision in rural areas, however, illustrates the ongoing issues nurses and the nursing profession faces in regards to a lack of official and peer recognition. As the visibility of these issues comes to the foreground, it is hoped that they will be more directly and more adequately addressed.


Banner, D., MacLeod, M. & Johnston, S. (2010). Role Transition in Rural and Remote Primary Health Care Nursing: A Scoping Literature Review. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research 42(4): 40-57.

TOPIC: Annotated Bibliography on Remote Nursing Review the Roles Assignment

Coyle, M., Al-Motlaq, M., Mills, J., Francis, K. & Birks, M. (2010). An integrative review of the role… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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