Renaissance Current Can Be Dated Book Report

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Perhaps one of the most important differences between the Northern and Italian Renaissance clothing was the Northern tendency to distort, through clothing and fashion, the figure and stature of the individual. Primarily, this was done by padding that was added; particularly to the sleeves (including arms or shoulders) or to the thighs. Several of Henry VIII's portraits are eloquent in this sense.

The padding was not entirely adopted in Italy, where the preference was for slender clothing that would show the shape of the body, in the tradition of the close-fitting previously discussed. Even if this was not the primary reason, the climate could have also played a role: the warmer weather in Italy would not encourage such fashion extravagances and the Italian creativity went in a different direction.

The materials that were used to make the clothes differed from Italy to Northern Europe primarily because of the weather conditions and the climate. Italy benefited from a milder, Mediterranean climate, so the preference for fine linen and similar materials could be successfully valued in the fashion production of the country. At the same time, Northern Europe was exposed to a harsher climate, with colder winters. The main material used here was wool, although linen was not necessarily entirely left out of the fashion industry.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Book Report on Renaissance Current Can Be Dated, Assignment

As presented, there were several common elements of Northern and Italian fashion during the Renaissance, resulting primarily from the main objectives of fashion (to showcase richness and the position of the individual in society). However, differences appeared, particularly considering the weather and climate, but also the political differences that followed with the Reformation process in Germany and the Northern countries.
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