Renaissance Paintings- Virgin and Child Term Paper

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Correggio (1489-1534) belonged to the last group of highly talented artists of High Renaissance. Despite his popularity, not much documented evidence is available regarding his early training. However the style of his work indicates the influence of some leading artists of his time including Francesco Branchi Ferrari, Lorenzo Costa, Giorgione etc.

Nothing except his decorative style is there to prove that he had been influenced by Roman traditions in painting. The painting Virgin and Child with Saint John the Baptist was one of the early works of Correggio and carefully focuses on the emotional connection between John and Christ. It is important to understand that while the theme of Virgin and Child has biblical connotations, this particular painting focuses on one aspect of the theme, which is not found in Bible. The Bible doesn't say anything about a meeting between Saint John and the Christ as children. In this painting, Virgin has been given a more subdued role while the two children are in more active mode. That Correggio had "developed a style of conscious elegance and allure with soft sfumato and gestures of captivating charm" (Chilvers, 121) is obvious from this work where a hazy soft light prevails over the landscape and adds softness and gentleness to the painting and its subjects. The figures are painted in the form of a pyramid where the biggest figure sits at the top while the two smaller figure occupy left and right side in the compositional scheme.



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Term Paper on Renaissance Paintings- Virgin and Child Assignment

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