Renaissance and Reformation Term Paper

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The Emergence of the Renaissance Movement

Determining and analyzing what gave rise to the Renaissance movement during the 14th to 16th centuries include a closer look into its main philosophy, humanism. The Renaissance movement was well-known for its support of the philosophy of humanism, which posited that humans have the capacity not only for reason, but also for committing goodness and seeking truth. It can be said that because of humanism, Renaissance flourished because of the innate trust that it provided humanity, and its capacity for progress and development.

Humanism was reflected in every aspect of people's lives during the Renaissance. Prior to the establishment of the movement, culture and the arts were dominated and oftentimes, dictated by the Church, producing artworks that are religious in theme and subject. However, with the advent of the Renaissance movement, society indulged no longer in exclusive portrayal and depiction of religious icons and scenes, but also focused on secular artworks, showcasing independence in style and design, and even scientific experimentation on techniques and media. Such attempts in the development of scientific methods of creating art was evident in the techniques of foreshortening, perspective and three dimensional paintings that were developed during this period.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Renaissance and Reformation Assignment

The roots of humanism and the Renaissance movement cannot exactly be attributed to a successful and flourishing economic society. During the periods stated (14th to 16th centuries), Western society, especially Europe, was experiencing an economic crisis, making it a very unlikely venue for intellectual development such as the Renaissance. However, specific conditions in the Western society made it conducive for intellectual change to occur, such as the rapid development of urbanism in Italian cities and towns. The ease of establishing trade routes and Florence being the center of trade made possible not only the exchange of goods and commodities, but also of ideas and new information about territories outside of the country and Western society. Thus, even during the period wherein Italy was experiencing social and economic strife because of the Black Death, the Renaissance movement developed in time with the rapid development of socially-organized groups, giving birth to modern social developments such as the creation of communes and the structure of serfdom. This was the social environment of Italian society when the movement of intellectual rebirth was conceived and later emerged.

The Renaissance was also marked with religious decline, as society began to accept alternative religious philosophies other… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Renaissance and Reformation Term Paper

Reformation and Renaissance Term Paper

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