Renewable Energy the Law Research Paper

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c. Solar energy

i. Pros: solar energy produces no pollution of the environment, less expensive if not counting the cost of solar panels and their instillation, the government offers tax credits up to $2,000 for using Solar energy, you can receive energy credits if the solar panels produce more energy than you consume, solar energy will never run out whereas nonrenewable sources are quickly dwindling, in addition solar energy produces no noise pollution as the systems are completely silent (Bocchine 2007).

ii. Cons: the initial cost of the solar panels can be cost prohibitive, solar energy is subject to climate variability based upon weather and the hours of sunlight within a region which will impact that wattage produced, some people argue that the panels are aesthetically unpleasant, and the solar energy panels can only absorb energy in the day meaning electricity used at night must rely on stored energy within the panels (Bocchine 2007).

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TOPIC: Research Paper on Renewable Energy the Law of Assignment

i. Pros: completely clean energy source which does not require drilling or mining for materials, renewable and sustainable, costs are low, abundant supply of wind available, the power is essentially free once the structures have been paid for, can be
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