Essay: Renewable Energy Resources and Investment

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[. . .] At least 20 countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and sub-Saharan Africa have active renewable energy markets. Outside of Europe and the United States, other developed countries like Australia, Canada, and Japan are seeing recent gains and broader technology diversification. The increasing geographic diversity is boosting confidence that renewable are less vulnerable to policy or market dislocations in any specific country. (Sawin and Martinot 9)

This global trend creates a situation where less developed nations as well as developed nations may have less reason to seek outside sources, reducing cost of transport of renewable energy sources. Seeking energy independence, by any nation or entity necessarily allows that entity the freedom to function without the added burden of energy procurement and costs.

These two works are invaluable in developing a clear picture of the renewable energy trends across the world as they both seek to illuminate the strengths and foreseeable weaknesses in renewable energy markets. The only failure of these two documents is that they do not clearly illuminate the limited nature of the renewable energy market, i.e. offer a comparison between non-renewable energy production and use and renewable energy production and use. In other words they, by their very nature limit the scope of the picture, stressing the growth of renewable energy without stressing the height of the mountain it needs to climb to realize sustainable energy systems in any given nation and across the globe.

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