Report Analysis: Rugmat Internship Experience Research Paper

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Thus, in summary, the contract could have been instrumental in ensuring that both parties to fulfill contractual obligations.

Initial training pros and cons

After tackling the interview processes, the potential negativities that accelerated the total pros and cons of the interviewing process were identified. Firstly, it should be noted that a direct feedback mechanism was generated. Indeed, this assured that all responses were initialized. Secondly, the verbal and non-verbal formats were realized. This encouraged explained responses to the overall feedback mechanism. Thirdly, it became possible to interact with respondents at personal levels. Eventually, a rapport was developed and made respondents feel more candid and relaxed. Fourthly, I could realize a higher degree of flexibility and my response various issues at any given time.

However, through the interviewing process, I realized that there was a variety of time-consuming processes, which being scheduled in the interview process. Secondly, although a higher degree of flexibility was experienced, issues related to inflexibility and the inconsistencies constrained the genuine effort to orient a higher and lucid interviewing process. Thirdly, proper analysis could not have been achieved since the interview failed to produce a significant amount of data at the shortest time possible. Fourthly, the process was costly, time, and overwhelming. In this case, there was not much time to analyze, train, schedule, and conduct sufficient data analysis.

Section III

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Research Paper on Report Analysis: Rugmat Internship Experience Assignment

I have to confess that during my first days as an intern, I was in constant fatigue. I failed to determine what I needed, when and what time. As a result, I located most of the time in communicating to the orienteer, and the senior Mr. Bolton. I consider the interview a success since several accomplishments were achieved. First, I was oriented to the workplace environment with real demographics and establishments of rotations of whom I was supposed to be working with during my internship. Secondly, as part of professional development, I realized that the internship did meet vital considerations of the APA, which relate heavily to training offered as well as specialization effects. In particular, the training department did meet the required expertise, which is supervision's styles, theoretical orientations, accessibility, and commitment to training.

Additionally, the facilities and equipment that were provided in the training process did meet the internship requirements. Firstly, it is good to determine tangibility of intangibility of the equipment, which was applied. In addition, collegiality, moral development, respect, professionalism, and institutionalism were adopted in the interview process. Through this, I could determine the vital processes that I was expected to initiate in mitigating environmental change aspects -- academic -- and workplace environment. Through this calling, I could orient a personalized list of priorities with ease. While evaluating special program, I understood professional goals and other responsive personal needs. This was in line with the development of personal vision and mission statement that would aid me to analyze objectives of the firm decisively as well as, expectations from my senior Mr. Bolton.

I spent most the time attempting to develop personal values of relating to the working environment. In fact, self-examination is an important aspect. Through this, I was capable of developing sufficient truth about the work environment, and myself, and increased degrees of punctuality and professionalism. This enlightens the significant differences that humans encounter and respond to professional demands of relating with clients, members of the public, and co-workers on an equal threshold of operation. In relation to values, I could examine sexuality, religion, family, abortion, self-disclosure, euthanasia, work, honesty, autonomy, acceptance, and work. Values were considerably instrumental in enhancing my approaches in accepting and developing a personality culture factor. Through this, I developed a response mechanism that answered the direct challenges of the firm.

Developing value and personality matched with my vision and mission statements and expectations of Mr. Bolton. In this case, I developed decisive reaction patterns to respond to a different situation required in the environment. Secondly, this approach assisted me to be helpful and access what I preferred in relation to developing better stress mitigating parameters. In fact, these situations of personal reflection were instrumental in enhancing my professionalism. Besides, I could handle different situations in a diverse methodology. In this case, dysfunctional did not necessarily mean the orientation of different patterns and this stretched constructively to the orientation of an internship.

How did your experience match your initial internship proposal?

After a close assessment, I realized that my original expectations in relation to the interview were not met fully. However, some conclusive elements could be applied to confirm that the interview process was comprehensive. This continuum was developed on trainee professional consideration. As a result, the aspect of identity was achieved. This was in line with my original course goals and other expectations. Through the subsequent academic development, I developed decisive management skills, which would respond directly to needs of the society. Since an internship is an extension of classroom experience into a real work environment, it is necessary to acknowledge that the program was instrumental in accelerating my understanding on the role professionalism and work environment. Besides, I could understand skill development, personal development, and professional development.

This was possible because self-direction was instrumental in assessing valuable learning experiences based on experimental factors during my internship program. In this relation, I developed significant responsibility patterns in my learning experience. While it is common knowledge that I expected an acute distinction of academic appliances in real work environment, it is as well prudent to acknowledge that the internship requested me to apply extra decisive skills; for instance, probation and communication, which were instrumental in responding to direct challenges of my career development. With close operations, I developed decisive knowledge by applying the theories I had learned in the classroom.

Because of professionalism, I have to confess that the academic foundation was instrumental in enhancing the ideal development of workplace approach. Firstly, this approach was beneficial since I was capable of developing proper and instinctive communication skills. Besides, the internship program facilitated my development of superior customer handling mechanism. In fact, through this, I could ground impressions, thoughts, and the resulting feelings. With time, this approach was instrumental in enabling me to develop, change, and evolve professionally. From the internship, I developed multiple motivations besides establishing a decisive starting point of personality and career development.

From this internship, I have gained a worthy experience relating to my skills that I will be able to apply in the workplace. I have gained the courage of exercising all the knowledge I gained in classrooms for the betterment of any organization that will hire me. This firm has fostered my professional development to levels that surpassed my internship proposal. I would like other people to enjoy such an experience. I believe internship and placements must be undertaken by all students even when they are optional.

Which Courses facilitate the learning experience?

Yes, all courses were instrumental in aiding me to develop a coherent performance scale in internship. The major helpful course was communication followed by construction management. In both of these courses, I borrowed heavily from their academic theories. In fact, it realized the extremes of my personality by communicating with others. In fact, through communication, I stood a superior position to express my opinion to the larger interview committee. Construction management enhanced my application of better and proper management skills that were vital in responding decisively in contract management. Indeed, I was expected to communicate the ideas of the client through the maps and the models adopted to foster achievement. Besides, it is essential to ensure that goals of the firm were met: a combined approach of other courses like information technology was applied while responding to the diverse challenges.

Career goals and Experience

According to the internship program, I would like to acknowledge that vital lessons were learned in the process. In fact, through this, major lessons were learned and some of these lessons encompassed the hybrid application of academic and natural skills. If chances were available, I would advocate for the improvising of more of Information technology devices to enhance communication and superior file storage mechanism. Tablets operating on the company's ERP system would have been influential in enhancing communication at all levels of organizational development. This not only affected my career goals and aspirations, but as well accelerated my personality development to achieve professional levels. In fact, through this approach, I realized that I understand myself in a superior parameter by accepting myself and improving my overall career development effort.


This report has clarified that the internship period was satisfactory. In any case, it sought to meet direct demands of the organizations through my academic foundation. According to the above the report, it is imperative to note that the internship period championed the development of personal character into a professional orientation. In particular, the report has identified the impetus of communication as one that is directed towards achieving… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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