Report of Solution to IT Problems of Coach, Inc Case Study

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¶ … it solutions to Coach, Inc.

Coach, Inc. prides itself on establishing one of the world's most recognizable brands. Through its high end products, Coach, Inc. has captured an elite section of the market space and has grown in both size and reputation since its founding in Manhattan. With this growth comes expansion and infiltration into international market spaces, the need for coordinating across borders without any flaws manifests itself as a tantamount priority (OLBETER, 2004). In order to ensure this process is as effective and efficient as possible it is imperative the appropriate telecommunication system is in place.

All businesses experience some level of "growing pains" and Coach, Inc. is no different. In it's quest to become the largest high-end retailer in the world, Coach, Inc. has been forced to deal with parts of a telecommunication system that is outdate, outmoded and at time unreliable. There have been numerous individuals that have experienced losses of vital data, the lack of communication within virtual groups and experienced difficulty sharing information across departmental boundaries. Over the past several years, the systems have been modified in a "ad-hoc" manner; however this has only served to increase the level of incompatibility within the overall organization. Many of the sub-systems are unable to effectively communicate with one another given the platforms are different in their core competencies.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Case Study on Report of Solution to IT Problems of Coach, Inc. Assignment

The purpose of this report is to identify the main telecommunication issues that are plaguing Coach, Inc. presently. These problems span the categories of telecommunication, wireless network integration and problems with the it network. Furthermore this report will identify several critical solutions that can be implemented to remove the majority of these problems. Secondly, this report will include a proposed information form that would be responsible for ascertaining all the relevant information pertinent to all telecommunication systems as well as identifying the potential shortcomings of this methodology and what can be done to overcome them. Finally, this report will identify and evaluate certain criteria for justifying it investment within Coach, Inc. Furthermore, this report will also identify certain outside vendors that Coach, Inc. could work with. Lastly, this report will identify some concerns Coach, Inc. would have with outsourcing its it as a unit.


Part I: IT Issues and Solutions

The common issues within Coach, Inc. have been stated at the outset of this report. The telecommunication systems have been addressed on an as needed or "ad hoc" basis. Therefore, system compatibility is a main issue. If the underlying platforms are not compatible within a telecommunication system this increases the risk of the inability of certain platforms to talk to one another. One contributing factor is there is no uniformity within the hardware and software that is used within the telecommunication system within Coach, Inc. The hardware and platforms come from a variety of vendors-each with their own unique subset of qualities. As a direct and consequential result, there is the possibility that telecommunication system a may not be able to effectively communicate with telecommunication system B. due to basic hardware incompatibility.

In addition to the telecommunication issues presented within Coach, Inc. there are a host of wireless network issues as well. The development of a well functioning wireless network is pivotal for the development of virtual, global teams (MILLER 2010). The issues currently plaguing the wireless networks of Coach, Inc. involve components of the network nearing obsolescence and as a result, it is very difficult at points, to communicate across departments within Coach, Inc. Furthermore, there is difficulty in conducting intradepartmental meetings, across offices and sectors due to the incompatibility and outmoded technology that Coach, Inc. has within some of its wireless networks. The overarching problem within Coach, Inc.'s telecommunication sector are the issues present within the overall it Network.

The Information Technology network combines the software architecture and overall network design that links the various departments both on a domestic and international level (COMBES 2010). Various components and structures within the overall it network have been modified, however the has yet to be a holistic review, diagnosis and treatment of the extensive non-compatibility problems that have plagued the it network over the past several years. Furthermore, these problems have rendered it difficult to create and maintain virtual working groups so that departments and divisions may exchange information in real time formats and increasing productivity (PARK 2008).

These issues by no means formulate an exhaustive list. There are more specific, highly detailed problems that have manifested themselves within Coach, Inc.'s it networking. The next section of this report will be to examine some of the main solutions that can be integrated within the Coach, Inc. It network. Some of these solutions are more practical than others given the current state of Coach, Inc.'s it network and the intensive review that needs to be conducted. The first solution of the multitude of issues Coach, Inc. is dealing with involves using current Business Analytic Software to analyze customer flow, coordinate sales and tasks force and analyze revenue streams across a variety of platforms, sectors and regions (IBM 2010).

Business Analytic Software (BAS) fulfills a number of critical functions. First it increases Coach's ability to attract new customers while tracking the spending habits of existing customers (IBM 2010). Second, it allows for the production of various "scorecards" that allow Coach to monitor revenue performance within several different product lines (IBM 2010). BAS also provides Coach to improve and enhance customer service operations as well as improving cross marketing platforms within the network which allow Coach, Inc. To develop new revenue streams. Lastly, BAS can allow Coach to improve the effective allocation of resources and can ultimately lead to improved labor costs (IBM 2010).

Business Analytic Software is the penultimate in business software that can enable Coach, Inc. To attain the goals it has set for itself as a corporation. Analytic software allows Coach, Inc. To make business decisions and implement strategy across the corporate landscape with the added advantage of having real-time, real-world sales and product information at their disposal. IBM also offers several other innovative solutions for the it Network. One of the more innovative solutions involves the use of "Cloud Computing" through the IBM network.

Cloud Computing offers a workload centered, sophisticated and enhanced customer service along with managerial capabilities and options that provide for new it solutions to be shared across offices, even across borders. The Cloud Computing platform incorporates enhanced platforms effectiveness built behind Coach, Inc.'s firewalls to generate enhanced performance. Another integral solution that can improve the issues experienced within Coach, Inc. is the improvement of the broadband network within the organization. Improving broadband or replacing the current wireless network with broadband technology has the potential improve the effectiveness of the overall network and allow for ease of communication across the infrastructure. Also, including high speed broadband within the software framework will allow the modifications to occur within the overall network without an major interruptions in service. Including high speed broadband will allow flawless and seamless integration of information across all levels and foster a more vertical integration of customer, product, revenue and sales data.

Part II

The second part of this report deals with the mechanism wherein information is gathered to ascertain the mechanism suitable to gather detailed information on the nature scope, function and characteristics of the different information systems/applications across the company's various platforms. This method will be a pivotal component of determining how best to approach the issues that are present within Coach, Inc. It network and systems. Additionally, this methodology will allow the acquisition of vital information that can formulate the most appropriate responses to the technological issues facing Coach, Inc. This questionnaire will revolve around several core areas. These areas include, an overview of Information Technology/Information System policies, Development of these policies, it Training, and Communication.

MIS Policy Review involves questions such as "has management devised, developed and maintained a current information technology policy?" This question is the underpinning of the entire rest of the analysis (COMPTROLER'S HANDBOOK 2005). If there is no coherent policy then it is unlikely that any of the it/IS milestones will be met. This is applicable in Coach, Inc.'s situation. If there has been no uniform it/IS policy in place then it does little good to discuss revamping the current telecommunication strategies, an entirely new complex network would have to be devised. The second area that the broad policy review would focus on would be "If such a policy exists does it provide guidance in the following areas: development, purpose and fundamental components of any information technology platform: initiating, developing, and completing guidelines?" (COMPTROLER'S HANDBOOK 2005) This second area brings the more broadly stated policy into more striking view. In other words, it is not enough to simply have a policy just for policy sake, it must be an effective policy that has the potential of getting things done.

The second area this questionnaire will focus on will be the development of the policy. Specifically, this section will focus on "does… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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