Represent the Human Race Before Answering Admission Essay

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¶ … Represent the Human Race

Before answering the question of what I would send it I were able to send one thing to intelligent life existing elsewhere in the universe, I feel like I must be honest and acknowledge that I would not sent anything to intelligent life anywhere else in the universe. If the history of man has taught one thing, it is that more advanced civilizations that take an interest in less interested civilizations take over them with extreme prejudice and cause tremendous destruction when they do so. If intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe and has the capability of traveling to Earth, I think it would be naive and unrealistic to assume that they would come in peace. Therefore, if we found intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, I think that the smartest course of action would be to hide from them and do as little as possible to draw attention to the Earth.

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However, if I were required to send one thing to life somewhere else in the universe, I would choose to send an electronic book with the collection of Elvis Cole / Joe Pike novels written by author Robert Crais, available in several different languages. I would simply assume that an intelligent civilization with the capability of sending us signals that it existed would have mastered some type of written communication. Therefore, if they received an electronic reader with several different languages, I would assume that they would possess the ability synthesize all of those languages and somehow translate them to their native language, if they did not already have a means of translating human communications to their language.

Admission Essay on Represent the Human Race Before Answering the Assignment

I would choose that particular series of novels for several reasons. First, the novels do a fantastic job of explaining that Earth is already populated by a race of violent, greedy, and mean people. The novels are based on the lives of two private detectives and a series of cases that they encounter. Throughout those cases, they encounter human traffickers, drug gangs, murderers, kidnappers, and blackmailers. The novels touch on issues… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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