Veterans Health Administration T4NG Program Business Proposal

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As of now, MTS has some 7.5 FTE personnel positions at its center. The personnel are dedicated to making sure all the requirements of the project are fulfilled. These in-house personnel are supported by support personnel based in our center. The two sets of personnel will collaborate in the development of the project and provide ongoing support in the implementation of the project. Specifically, the staffs will include technical support staff, clinical staff, data analysts, administrative staff, and staff from MTS’s Network Services office. The Agency has built a workforce of capable, hardworking, and competent staff.

MTS staff have consistently been able to finding solutions for client problems and to meeting client requirements satisfactorily. They are also known for their high quality services. Those who have been chosen for the T4NG project are well experienced in delivering similar systems and are capable of working well with others to deliver set objectives. MTS has no plans to introduce any changes to its personnel. Instead the organization aims to take advantage of the experience and know-how of its staff to make sure that the Veterans Affairs Department gets services that are similar in quality to those delivered to previous MTS customers. Our personnel are well aware of how important the T4NG software is to veterans in terms of improving the services delivered to them and to the Department of Veterans Affairs in terms of enhancing their service delivery and resource use.

3.1. IT Services Management Support

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Although there is only one software engineering company in this project, MTS, software engineering activities span across several personnel and teams working in the project. The responsibilities, roles, and authority of the personnel and units (technical) involved in the software development component of this project are detailed in the section below this one (Laudon & Laudon, 2016).

Business Proposal on Veterans Health Administration T4NG Program Assignment

The Project Manager: This is the individual will oversee the entire project. He or she will ensure that every team in the project is working hard to achieve its set objective in the delivery of the T4NG program. This individual will also be the final authority in making cross-functional decisions. The authority to make funding decisions may also be delegated to the manager by the project sponsor.

The Systems Engineering Unit: This team shall be involved in the delivery of multiple software processes. The roles and responsibilities of this unit will include: The Management of Configurations; the Verification of Systems; Conducting the Acceptance Test; and Performing COTS upgrades. The Unit will also be responsible for several other roles outside the software lifecycle.

Maintenance and Operations (M&O): The designated Project Maintenance and Operations Manager will be responsible for each and every project event or process related to the successful delivery of the T4NG program to the VA. The most significant Maintenance and Operations activities include: integrating the efforts of various working groups, the operational management, and the VA for the successful delivery of the program; drafting and setting out maintenance and operations rules and procedures; playing the leading role in the sharing of information and the resolution of conflicts between units; making decisions on how to utilize the engineering budget; ensuring that maintenance releases and patches are well fed into the established baselines; and managing the set operations plan for T4NG. The most important role for the Project Maintenance and Operations Manager is to ensure that the software development unit has the information it needs to provide the required maintenance services.

Quality Assurance: There will be a quality assurance team that will be responsible for auditing and evaluating the software engineering process as contained in the design plan and according to the requirements set out by the sponsor of the project.

MTS will provide support for the software processes and will be charged with recommending the best strategies, management plans, infrastructures, systems, and practices to ensure the IT enterprise is working efficiently (Kerzner, 2018).

3.2. Task Management

The organization’s task management duties/ requirements are limited. Considering how limited they are, even an Excel Spreadsheet will be enough to track tasks. If an Excel Spreadsheet were to be used, only the following columns would be enough for task management: Creator; Assigned To; Contact Person; and Status.

When a task is created, it ought to be immediately put on the Excel Spreadsheet and the person or unit to whom it is assigned should be notified simultaneously. The task status ought to be correctly updated as time goes on. And when the task is successfully completed it ought to be sent to a separate and similarly formatted Excel Spreadsheet. Each and every task and activity carried out toward the completion of the project ought to be entered into a robust project management database.

3.3. Change Management

The MTS will be responsible for identifying performance issues and for providing solutions. The solutions shall be provided in the form of a written document with a correction plan. The note should be created and delivered not more than ten working days from the time when the organization finds the issues or issue. The correction plan will include a description of the issue or issues and the remedial actions that ought to be taken to address it. The timing of the remedial actions, the individual or unit who shall be responsible for handling the remedial actions, and the individual or unit who shall be responsible for continued monitoring and updating the team on the issue, should also be clearly stated in the correction plan. We will then send the plan to the VA project coordinators identified by the VA. In other words, any performance issue or problem discovered will result in the Department being immediately notified (Hornstein, 2015). This will be done through us. The MTS has worked with the Veterans Affairs Department to build auditing, quality assurance, and correction plans and strategies for the project and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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