Researching a Service Lerning Organization Chapter

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Clients are also allowed to make free local phone calls, and long-distance calls can only be made with approval. Another vital service offered by Camillus House is a free "Camillus House" picture ID that serves as their only form of identification. In order to ensure that individuals suffering from mental health are not sent to jail for minor incidents. The house offers its mental illness clients special ID cards that can identify the individual, identify clients who are registered with the house and are eligible for the additional services offered by the house, and alert police to not send the individual to jail for minor offenses, but rather to a mental health facility. Camillus House also offers donations of food and other donations to other faith-based organizations, and nonprofit organizations. Camillus House donates the excess amounts of food it receives to ensure that the food does not get spoilt or exceed its expiration date. The food is mostly offered to other organizations that do not have the capacity to receive as much food as Camillus.

f) Camillus House Description

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Camillus House is described as a non-profit agency that offers humanitarians services to the poor and homeless women, men, and children found in Miami-Dade County of Southern Florida. The name Camillus originates from the founding father's decision to name it after Saint Camillus de Lellis, who founded the Congregation of the Servants of the Sick and Poor. Camillus House has devoted itself to offer material and spiritual care to the sick and needy within its community, which is the same vow that was taken by the Camellians. The house follows the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ. Camillus House offers its services in the belief that every human being is precious in the eyes of the Lord, and they all deserve respect, love, and an opportunity to live a dignified life.

Chapter on Researching a Service Lerning Organization Assignment

g) Community needs attended by Camillus House and characterization of such needs

The main community needs addressed by Camillus House are poverty, homelessness, mental health, and substance abuse. Poverty is identified as a major issue in the county with the majority of the poor being children. Camillus House offers shelter, job training, and job coaching services to ensure that individuals are able to assimilate themselves into the job market. Lack of training is a major concern and results in a lack of work. Homeless individuals can use Camillus House for temporary accommodation and food. Living on the streets can be harsh, and most times individuals get abused. To guard against this Camillus House encourages individuals to stay at their shelter during the night and it offers them meals and hot shower. For the mentally ill, society has mainly neglected them, and most of them are sent to jail for committing minor offenses. Camillus House has come up with an ID card that the individuals can use to ensure that when arrested they are sent to a mental health facility. The house also offers medical care to the mentally ill and other individuals for free. This ensures that even the homeless and the poor do not suffer from illnesses that can be easily cured or treated. The house offers its clients free drugs too.

h) Logistics used by the Camillus House in attending to identified needs

Camillus House offers medical outreach program. The program has a team of dedicated volunteer doctors who walk the streets and offer medical services to the homeless people on the streets. The doctors also encourage the homeless to go to the house for meals and other services. To ensure that clients receive the required treatment, the house offers transportation services in the form of bus and metro rail tokens, vans, and taxi. Individuals suffering from mental illness and substance abuse might not be able to reach the house. This necessitates the house to offer outreach services to these individuals. The volunteers will visit the individuals and offer them food and counseling services. To ensure that its clients can get a footing once they complete their training, Camillus House has partnered with local companies to assist in offering on the job training for the individuals undergoing training within the house. The individuals are also offered opportunities to work within the companies once they complete their training. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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