Resolving Ethical Challenges in a Diverse Workplace Environment Chapter

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Ethical Issues in Management

Complete the Managing a Diverse Workforce on Managing a Diverse Workforce

There are different ways to address Julie's case. I believe that Julie should step down by taking the lead on this deal. However, restrictions on women's participation in and access to top aspects and contracts in the workforce including wage gaps and glass ceilings are some of the most identified inequities with oil-industrialized nations. The nations in the East have minimal equal opportunity laws coupled with legal and cultural restrictions based on inaccessible education and jobs. The inequities are mostly identified with the developing nations against the unequal access to capital and variables identified within difficulties of both developing nations and industrialized. The alternative involves relaxing and understanding that one cannot control other people. Women like Julie are barred from achieving complete gender equality within their workplaces because the 'ideal-worker' norms define committed workers as people who work on a full-time basis and full force. The situation presumably works on the male gender. Letting go of a situation requires one to realize that problems with Julie are not externally bound: they can influence the performance of the business.

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Women with wild powers and like making assertive actions often face backlashes that hurt their scope of rising to the organization's top management. The main approach to the situation includes controlling the reactions of other people's behavior and letting it go other than upsetting them frequently. Striking back at Julie with kindness is one of the ways of taking control of a situation without appearing aggressive. The management's efforts may slide of without overturning the situation. The other context is that the approaches taken to address Julie will inform clients and management of how she feels. The manager can use such grounds to speak with Jessica in a concerned and confident manner. This involves explaining how the behavior appears to the business and explore ways or a specific reason for such gender aspects.

Chapter on Resolving Ethical Challenges in a Diverse Workplace Environment Assignment

While working towards incorporating necessary masculine-like behaviors like assertiveness into the leadership styles, women find difficulties in achieving their career goals. It is a realization of the co-workers' actions as genuinely rude or those that take issues too personally. The gender relations analysis requires consultative efforts with co-workers for purposes of seeing whether they have encountered similar experiences with such persons. The female leaders encounter distinct prejudices such as being perceived as weaker leaders as compared to men and those women with overt demonstration of their competences are within the masculine domains of incurring social punishments. It is well described as a way of acknowledging that people experience a progressive behavior among the employees. It allows them to handle situations while ascribing to the offer of advice.

The gender management can check on their sensitivity levels. This involves establishing whether one is a type of person who gets offended easily. Self-examination for individual emotions, prior reacting, helps in developing an objective figure from the situation. The manager may advise attempting being nice to Julie. In most cases, being assertive does not always mean that the response from customers or management should be disappointed. Insecure or weak individuals may attract bullies or possess strong beliefs within themselves while repelling people who focus on overpowering them.

Female leadership should be socially supported and spoken by others. There are growing illustrations of women with power asserting themselves for others. They have shown ability to perform effectively without having to incur social repercussions. Women, who advocate themselves, such as Julie, are seen to violate the feminine gender norms. The norm-violating behavior attracts punishment from men and women. However, while women focus on other dimensions, this assertive behavior can be perceived to be compatible with the expectations of traditional female gender norms while women have a helpful and nurturing tendency. In the context of Big Oil, Julie can leverage authority without inducing negative social consequences. Other women leaders have shown effectiveness in developing beneficiary behavior among female leader's efforts in team membership.

Assignment -- Case on 284

Q1. What are the Ethical Issues in this case?

Whenever the third sales representative makes promises and commitments to customers, the product development teams should be ready to fulfill. Appropriate ways to show trust based on the assigned tasks and projects among team members will address all questions from the findings and solutions presented. Customers in most cases make purchases and decisions on contract renewal through regard of product and service upgrade. Failure to address product functionality and service upgrade timelines leaves customers through relentless results from unsatisfied customers. It is critical to establish new developments that under wrap the engineering teams and other product developments completed prior making promises on delivery dates.

In addition, I will work on developing the variables of confidentiality and trust. Efficient management will be trusted and has the potential of trusting efforts of promoting honesty and fairness through keeping predetermined promises and deadlines. The third sales representative will expect and demand excellence from the employees while increasing the levels of awareness of the essence of the application.

Q2. What are some of the reasons the decision maker, in this case, might be inclined to go a long? Not go a long?

The participation conditions sales promotion activities should be full, clear, and easily comprehended by all users and customers. I will provide conditions and rules that are consequential to consumers without having to participate within the requests and restrictions of the decisions to participate. The team should understand that it is critical to the state in time the clarity of such circumstances that are popular with consumers prior binding themselves to certain things. Activities in sales promotion should be conducted and created through ways that respect the consumers' protection from harassment and rights to privacy. Trustworthy partnerships between my junior employees and the third sales representative will eliminate error as the team embraces essential components for all leadership concerns. Both parties will not hesitate in taking risks based on the understanding of the relationship's substance and devotion to mutual goals and vision.

The relevant aspects in the legal sector should be based on personal data protection and validity of relevant countries of jurisdiction. Consumers should be informed in good time that they give consent to participation, and that information will be used for advertising or publicity. This includes all elements that connect the ongoing sales promotion to other performance occasions. Continued focus allows for empowering parties on larger scopes of loyalty and trust in the organization.

There are various ways of scheduling and maintaining a relationship with my sales representatives. One of the strategies includes establishing organization motivation elements that encourage low turnover, high-quality work, high job satisfaction, and high productivity. The approach will include guaranteeing employee feedback. The scope of motivation program involves ensuring that organizational process feedback is provided to employees based on established objectives. Sales and marketing ethical conduct should be based on usage of professional approaches to competitors, customers, company colleagues and members of regulatory bodies. Characteristics the conduct will be inclusive of respectful interactions, nondiscriminatory behavior and cultural diversity consideration towards people from different backgrounds. The concept of application will be based on behaving in honesty and portraying situations and products in all accuracy and making constructive contributions to problems and solutions.

The characteristics of the conduct should include respectful interactions, nondiscriminatory behavior and cultural diversity consideration toward people from different backgrounds. The outcomes include organizational culture that permits employees to explore experiences with positive outcomes against approaches to building within the period. It is important to behave in honesty through portraying products and situations accurately and making constructive contributions to extensive discussions about solutions and problems. Ethical conduct in the department will include usage of professional approaches to company colleagues, customers, members of regulatory bodies and competitors. The alternative is that the management can make more observations about the applicable regulations and laws across all times while adhering to the company ethics policies.

Q3. If you were a decision maker, how would you handle the situation?

As an organizational decision maker, I will provide feedback on the continuous processes with outright conformity to the quarterly meeting periods. My manager can focus on establishing meeting employees in different quarters. Formalized motivational reviews will be done on a monthly basis. Whenever necessary, it could be against the existing writings and informal reviews presented on based on weekly tracking. Quarterly feedback will flow from the top management and will be the basis of the motivation plan evaluation and determination of achievement among the employees. The objective ratings will be established through scales of set aspects of an employee management process. The element will establish a direct link between the percentage payments based on the ratings and resultant efforts of bonus payments.

Q4. Would you report the conversation to your manager? Why or why not?

Yes, I would report the conversation to my manager. I will encourage immediate presentation of elements with sales representative's motivation programs that are organic and integrated. The sales representative… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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