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So on one end of the spectrum there is a rise in price to meet the requirements of the moneyed customer. On the other end, prices may be expected to drop in the need to find a niche.

To what extent does the government intervene in the development and running of the resort? Does the central/local government provide amenities such as swimming pools and sports facilities, walk-ways, public beaches? Is the tourist office state funded? Resort advertising? Explain the level of government intervention in the resort, this will vary according to the country in which the resort it is located and the political system..

Each and every one of the amenities of the resort is exclusively privately funded as are the amenities of each of its competitors.

Nonetheless, the government is actively involved to a certain extent in funding tourism in the Caribbean since tourism has an advantageous impact on the economy, ecosystem, and culture. The resort advertising is largely private although some of its government sponsored.

The tourist office site is state funded.

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The government, too, following a period of decline and competition with Cuba implemented a program where it stepped in evaluating the quality of its resorts. This became known as the Quality Tourism for the Caribbean (QTC) initiative, with the Green Globe and Blue Flag programs. These programs implemented a quality assurance system for hotels in the areas of health, hygiene and conservation in that they trained Caribbean-based resorts in these areas. They also evaluated and offered information to these hotels on health and hygiene practices.

Another program was the European Union (EU) Blue Flag beach certification scheme which graded beaches according to the quality of their services and beach maintenance.

TOPIC: Assessment on Resort Our Group Chose Is Assignment

The government too tries to set competitive standards for resorts with Blue and Green flag demarcations so that hotels model and try to outflank one another in pursuit of the accreditation.

All of this has been carefully promoted as a brand under the government-sponsored and run Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) which is aided by the Caribbean Hotel Association. This so-called "Brand Caribbean: model intends to focus tourist attraction on the high quality attractions and services (CHALLENGES TO CARIBBEAN TOURISM).

The CTO also involves itself in other activities to boost tourism in the area. One such activity has been its recent meeting with top ministerial officials and technical personnel in its member countries to seek their assistance in arranging better intra-regional air links to help boost tourism in the region. In fact, the CTO recently formed a division -- the CTO Aviation Task Force -- implemented just for this. Hotels and beaches have been improved and their quality is monitored; the CTO now turned to making air flight more efficient and to improving passenger comfort on these flights. Other issues that they wished addressed included "minimum revenue guarantees, communication among regional carriers, "open skies" agreements, government taxes and fees, fuel costs, visa restrictions, passenger security-screening arrangements, airlift capacity and the dependency of local hotels on the intra-regional market" (Caribseek News). Improvement in these factors, the CTO felt, would increase tourism, consequently, bringing more money to the region. The region would, therefore, benefit economically, rather than lose through these changes.

At the same time, the government too is largely involved in trying to curb its excesses that have had a ruinous impact on the place.


Caribseek (Tuesday, Dec 18th, 2012) News Caribbean Tourism Organization To Arrange Meetings With Regional Ministries And Technical Officials To Tackle Aviation Issues


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