Resource Manage Cost Analysis of Quality Improvement Plan Marketing Plan

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Resource Manage Cost Analysis of Quality Improvement Pla

Costs and benefits of quality improvement plan

Communication is essential to the organizational success in all types of entities, but even more so for healthcare institutions, where people serve people and where the core of the operations lays on sensitive, life threatening, issues. As it has been mentioned, the number one concern raised by patients is that of improper communications between themselves and the medical staffs. At an extrapolated level however, communication failures are also observed between medical staffs and the family of the patient, as well as among the medical staffs themselves. In order to address this issue, a quality improvement plan has been devised and it is expected to generate numerous benefits. Still, the implementation of the plan would also reveal a series of costs. It is now as such important to reveal the benefits and costs associated with the quality improvement plan. At an initial level, the costs of the plan refer to the following:

Impressive financial investments as the plan has to be financially supported. This specifically means that medical institution has to allocate additional funds. But in a context in which it does not receive these funds from the state or through sponsorships, it will have to rethink its budget. In other words, other endeavors will have to take a second place as the financial resources would be scarce. Also, in order to generate a return on investment, the costs of providing the medical services would have to be increased, to as such generate patient dissatisfactions.

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Training complexities. This set of difficulties refers to the specific components of the identified problem -- poor communication between medical staffs and patients and their families, and poor communications between medical staffs themselves. This twofold issue generates the need for twofold efforts in improving communications through both channels. Additionally, communications in the medical sector are often difficult to stimulate due to the difficult nature of the problems handled, but also due to the demanding and pressing job of the staffs, which tend to focus on saving lives, rather than communicating.

TOPIC: Marketing Plan on Resource Manage Cost Analysis of Quality Improvement Plan Assignment

This brings one to the third limitation of the quality improvement plan. Particularly, the plan is focused on improving one issue not linked to the core operations of the healthcare facilities -- where these are focused on the provision of medical care, the plan comes to distract them from their target scope and have them focus on tertiary issues. In such a context then, the efficiency of the operations completed could be reduced.

Finally, a fourth cost assimilated with the quality improvement plan is revealed by the perceived resistance of the medical staffs in the implementation of the organizational change process. This resistance could however be reduced through HRM strategies of involving the employees… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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