Responsibilities in the Development of the IEP Term Paper

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IEP is becoming much more of a dynamic instrument. There is increasing demand for updated and sustainable IEP's that take into account the student's changing needs are standard. The one point in time analysis is becoming a thing of the past and these results need to updated on a regular basis (Barnett, Daly III, Jones & Lentz, Jr., 2004, 66).

How do you plan to teach to the state standards, especially with regard to students with disabilities?

The Americans with Disabilities Act and the One child left behind policy dictates that we teach to the needs of people with disabilities as well as to state standards. If you see this as a mission and a vocation and not just simply as a job, you can find the energy and innovation to do both. On top of this, I have a love of children that draws me to teaching. Also, I am passionate in my own love of learning makes that propels and inspires my teaching.

How do you make sure you meet the needs of a student with disabilities with an IEP? The IEP is an evaluation of their needs. It should be based upon a thorough investigation of the therapist's notes on the student. When I make a difference to a child in a classroom or successfully teach a challenging lesson, when connection with the child is made, the reward is immediate.

3. How do you communicate with parents, especially about a planned intervention? I bring in the parents into the planning of the intervention. It is necessary to have them on board with the intervention so they have ownership on what is going on with their child.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Responsibilities in the Development of the IEP Assignment

4. What are the best things about your school's special education program? In our school, there is a well planned special education program. Luckily, we are in a wealthy district so we do not lack for resources. The people in the district take special education very seriously and fund it adequately. The Assistant Principal of my school was a real inspiration to me, and she is one of the major reasons I pursued a teaching career with developmentally disabled students. Her ability to guide her students, her fairness and also her sense of justice provided me with the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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