Restoration and 18th Century Term Paper

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The three texts reviewed in this work are those as follows: Mary Collier (1739) the Woman's Labour and Epistle to Mr. Stephen Duck; in Answer to his late Poem, called the Thresher's Labour. Peterfield Hampfhire; (2) Ann Yearsley (1788) a Poem on the Inhumanity of the Slave-Trade; and (3) Joseph Townsend (1786) a Dissertation on the Poor Laws. The Eighteenth Century was a time in history that the grievances of society were beginning to be heartily addressed in the writings from that time and specifically as related to injustices experienced by the old, the poor, and those who belonged to a minority group or who were women.


The statement of thesis in this work is this: 'In the Eighteenth Century" was a time in which poets and authors begin to express societal injustices as had not been related in the previous century and one in which the authorities and the rules and legislations of those authorities came under strict scrutiny.


The work of Mary Collier written in 1739 and entitled: "The Woman's Labour: an Epistle to Mr. Stephen Duck" begins by informing the reader that no endeavor was undertaken to bestow learning upon the author and life was one "always spent in Drudgery" and in fact that such is "the Portion of poor Woman-kind." (Collier, 1793) Collier states that Stephen Duck was very wrong in his poem in which he states that women could "but little Work do" when in reality women very much so do as much work as do men in the country and on the farm. Collier states that many times in the Summer has she spent her time "in throwing, turning, making Hay." Collier explains that after work is done and the day has ended for men the woman labors still in the home after coming in from a long day in the field and states: "Our Toil and Labour's daily fo extreme, That we hardly ever Time to dream."


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