Restorative Justice Research Paper

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This theory is also interested in labeling of people.

An analysis of how this article relates to the labeling g theory

The article shows that both victims and offenders are more satisfied with as compared to courts. This is because it looks at the needs of both the victims and offenders and at the same time the involved community and not just punishing the offender. Victims take an active role whereas the offenders are expected to take responsibility for their actions. According to the labeling theory, criminal behavior is not something innate but involves a process of learning and socializing in groups they are in. It also emphasizes that one's behavior is influenced by labeling meaning that positive labels produce positive behavior while negative labels produce a negative behavior. This theory therefore underlies how important the society's response is to a criminal. An understanding of the labeling theory will help in the process of restorative justice. Therefore, labeling theory can used to understand criminals and the reason why they commit crimes hence know what approach they will take when it comes to the restorative justice process.

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The findings of the article support what theoretically should happen. This is because restorative justice involves the offender, victim and the entire community, which should be the case when dealing with a crime. Understating of the cause of a crime helps in dealing with it and preventing the offender from committing a similar crime. Punishing an offender is not the best solution in a crime but ensuring the reason why the crime was committed to prevent it from being committed again.

The types of variables in the article associated with conflict and labeling theories

Research Paper on Restorative Justice The purpose of Assignment

The process assignment conference / court, and interaction and crime effects as a continuous covariate are variables that are associated with labeling theories. Labeling theory basic approaches are that people act based on meanings that things have for them and meanings are continually modified through interpretation. Therefore the process assignment is associated with the approach of meanings being modified through interpretation and interaction and crime effects linked to how people act on the basis of meaning that things have on them.

The theory suggests that society should not label criminals since sustained criminal behavior results from negative response from the community. The community should embrace criminals, help them in their path of change, and not respond to them negatively.More research should be carried out on the topic of restorative justice and the difference that it makes compared to the court system. The research reflects a positivist school of thought that rejects the legal definition of crime and allows a punishment to be interpreted in such a way that it fits an individual crime. A lot of research has been conducted on restorative justice and its impact on the criminal, the victim and the entire community. This current research is just an emphasis of research that has been conducted previously. This article further enhances my understanding of the theory since it shows that restorative justice is the best approach to dealing with crimes as compared to courts. This is because courts just focus on punishment but labeling theory advocates for understanding the crime and dealing with the crime with an understanding of the reasons to why it occurs. The article enhances my understanding of restorative justice since it helps me see the impact it has on the offenders. Hence, conclude that it is the best way of dealing with a crime.


Gal, T. & Moyal, S. (2011). Juvenile victims in restorative justice: Findings… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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