resumes cover letters and reflections Capstone Project

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I believe I am the best person to fulfill this role for your three children, and I would like to tell you why.

First, I am just now completing my Capstone for the Masters of Education program. My teaching credentials are therefore beyond what you had asked for. I love working with new tools and technologies, and would be thrilled to have the one-on-one interactions with your children as we help them to progress in the maths and sciences. You will also be pleased to learn I spent a summer in France just to study art history, and so am the perfect person to balance their STEM subjects with art and music appreciation.

Attached you will find my resume. If you need anything else or have any questions about my credentials please do not hesitate to ask. You have found your Maria. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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The only way to successfully reach this Capstone course in the Masters of Education Program is through hard work. I have persisted in spite of personal challenges, and completed all the prior coursework up to this date. It has not been easy to balance work with school but I appreciate the opportunity to prove to myself what I am capable of; it also helps me feel more confident about my future as an educator and potential future leader. My determination and persistence will ensure a successful career in education.

Capstone Project on resumes cover letters and reflections thereon Assignment

Time management has been one of the most important skills that has helped me progress through this course, and will continue to be my best asset in the future. Educators are frequently overburdened with work. Time management is critical. We need to prioritize, strategize, and economize. Every second counts, but we also need to be flexible with how we spend our time. As classroom teachers, we need to remember that we are in a fluid environment. Human beings are not robots or machines, and some days will not flow according to schedule. In the same way, parents will fluctuate in their level of involvement or engagement and I need to be responsive to them at all times. My interactions with colleagues and supervisors during critical staff meetings also needs to be factored into my overall time management system.

I will continue to incorporate lifelong learning throughout my professional development and career. One of the reasons I was drawn to education in the first place was because I love to learn. I never want to stop learning, and have an unending thirst for knowledge. My students will teach me as much as I teach them. Beyond that, I will take full advantage of professional development courses, seminars, workshops, and conferences. By subscribing to professional organizations too, I can learn about how I can improve the field of education as a future leader.

Finally, based on what I have learned in this program, my teaching philosophy is grounded in a student-centric approach. I am eager to see how my students will express their own curiosity about the subjects they encounter, and I encourage creative thinking and novel approaches rather than rigid methods problem solving. My leadership philosophy is transformational. Likewise, a collaborative style has been proven effective in the educational environment, as Beck, Livne & Bear (2005) point out the benefit of teacher peer collaboration, (p. 221). I want to empower others, and believe that my colleagues and I can work together to improve our schools and our organizational culture.


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