Review: Holocaust by Angela Gluck Wood Term Paper

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Review: Holocaust by Angela Gluck Wood

For some who are living today, the memories of the Holocaust, life

during the time of the Holocaust or the experiences which would reverberate

from it even decades later are still fresh. The indelible scars which the

atrocity branded onto the world are continuously perceptible in an

artistic, literary and cultural tenacity which has persisted to remind the

collective of its responsibility to pay honor to the victims of its worst

conceits. But as more times stretches between the systematic murder of 6

million Jews as it transpired throughout Eastern Europe in concurrence with

World War II and the first-hand cognizance of such horrors in present-day

witnesses, it will become increasingly more difficult for historical

observers to properly contextualize the precious testimonials which are

currently available and the shocking statistical breadth of events directly

there related. This is especially true when one considers the emotionally

charged nature which historiography on the topic of this mass-genocide

tends to take on. The culture which has formed around historical

remembrance of the Holocaust is inextricably tied into the psyche of the

Jewish people and indeed the perspective of the world on ethnic cleansing

of any form. In these respects, the forms of its recollections, such as

museums, educational programs and broad, sweeping text-books, are certainlyDownload full Download Microsoft Word File
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practical to the function of education and enlightenment. However, in the

construction of there is a singular challenge to balance objectivism with a

fair account of the truly heinous extent of events occurring during the

Holocaust. In its concise discussion points, its intensively dense

collections of statistical information and its loyal reference to survivor

testimonies, the text simply entitled Holocaust by Angela Gluck Wood has

contributed a thorough and emotionally balanced perspective on the events

TOPIC: Term Paper on Review: Holocaust by Angela Gluck Wood for Assignment

of isolation, encampment and genocide that were obsessively pursued by the


The text is largely centered on the history of the Jews, framing the

pivotal event in the history of the people as being the Holocaust. By

orienting the text through a carefully conceived introduction remarking on

the sequence of inequities visited upon the Jewish people throughout their

history and proceeding to examine in ambitious breadth the implications to

the Jewish people of the Holocaust, Wood essentially tells the story of the

selected group according to the persistence of anti-Semitism. This

approach manifests in a tragic discussion on the vagaries of human nature,

bringing an unusual life and humanism to a history hardback. Its collages

of text and image, artifact and document are selected with an attention to

this sentiment without ever cloying or descending into condescending

depiction of the victimized group.

This is assisted by an intriguing and nonetheless damning portrait of

the Germans. We see the nature of the political and cultural pressure

levied upon the economically embattled Germans. Of these, Wood tells that

"at first there was little support for the Nazis in Germany, but they

learned the powerful appeal of uniforms, symbols, rallies, and salutes from

the experience of Italian fascists. Nazi theories of race also helped to

make ordinary Germans feel superior and strengthened popular support."

(Wood, 34) Such blurbs are accompanied by visually compelling spreads

which incorporate the broad and stunning array of images, illustrations,

artifacts and propaganda sheets. Here are accompanying facts and

photographs depicting Germans, especially young children, held in a

collective thrall while extending the one-armed Hitler Salute. Such

accompanying images drive home the disturbing human elements of the

Holocaust, with its perpetrators shown in frankness to be regular Germans.

On this same page, an advertisement featuring an attractive young Aryan

girl asks for donations to the Hitler youth, contending under its surface

the racial superiority posited… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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