Term Paper: Revolt Among the Sharecroppers

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[. . .] It was not possible for unionism to function without an effective integration of the races; the blacks and whites needed support and cooperation from each other for mutual benefit and achievement. Though the number of commoners that supported the Southern Tenant Farmers Union was huge, but the prevalent customs of the southern society made this racial integration intricate. The conventional, negative racial approaches and customs crept into the association, leaving the efforts scattered and the sharecroppers divided by virtue of their race to strive for divided progress.


Revolt Among the Sharecroppers is a historical account of evolution and suffering. Evolution is manifested when racial differences are put aside and all sharecroppers unite to achieve their rights and remove the oppressive ruling class from power. This unification as Southern Tenant Farmers Union even scared the planters since the white and black slaves joined hands for the first time against one enemy.

However, the progress faded away as racial differences again came into the limelight and divided the union's cause. Thus, the plantation owners' aristocracy perpetuated suffering by readdressing the accusations of the revolt towards the blacks, making them the target for the Southern uprising in general.

Realizing the fruitlessness in their toil, the southern sharecroppers started to migrate into different professions. Those that stayed behind continued in the same conditions.

In summary, Kester presents a vision for the people to reflect upon:

The only sane road for men to follow is that one which leads toward an economy of abundance... Only men of great courage, social consciousness, world kinship and prophetic imagination will dare travel this road and seize the abundant life. The timid and unimaginative will want to live and die by their fathers." (Kester, 1936)


Grim, Valerie. Review: Revolt Among the Sharecroppers. Visiting Associate Professor,

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Kester, Howard. Revolt Among the… [END OF PREVIEW]

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