Revolution Rebellion and Resistance Essay

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Revolution, Rebellion, And Resistance

Each One Teach One: Communist Influence in Social Resistance

The theme of focus: Revolution, Rebellion and Resistance has been suitably demonstrated throughout the vast duration of history, particularly in regards to the past 200 years. Accordingly, one can make a very valid argument that the history of sedition throughout the world has been building towards the development of the communist class struggles which were widely predicted and even enacted during key moments in the 20th century during well documented events such as the Russian Revolution and the uprising spearheaded by Mao Tse-tung in China. Several communist and even socialist offerings of text reveal that such overthrows of imperialist governments in favor of ones led (in theory, at least) both for and by the common people were inevitable due to certain conditions of labor, human nature, private property, and definitions of wealth which are not readily apparent to the unlearned reader of such literature. Therefore, the theme of focus of Revolution, Rebellion and Resistance has been significantly affected and developed by socialist/communist doctrine.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Revolution Rebellion and Resistance Assignment

One of the most revealing facets of this doctrine which was widely influential in the shaping of this particular historical theme of focus was the treatment of labor as one of the essential needs for revolution throughout man's progress on this planet. Nearly all of Karl Marx's writing dealing with communism and socialism underscore this point, and are therefore invaluable historical sources regarding the archival and even future class struggles for social resistance. The following quotation from 1844's Economic & Philosophical Manuscripts, which was particularly helpful in illustrating this theme of focus, evidences the alienating influence of labor and its causes to insurrection. "A direct consequence of the estrangement of the humans from the product of their labor, from their life-activity, from their species-being, is the estrangement of humans from humans. When a human confronts himself as a stranger, so he confronts another human as a stranger." It should be noted that the author's reference to the estrangement of labor is an allusion to human laborers merely existing as the product of their labor, which is the cause for them to become alienated from themselves and from other people. Once people cannot relate to others as human beings, exploitation soon occurs in addition to a need to overthrow the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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