RFP in Healthcare Industry Request Business Proposal

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In addition, the bidder's proposal should comply with the following format requirements. Bidders should follow them strictly, because the center may deem proposals that fail to meet the format requirements as non-responsive.

1. All the soft copy files should either be in MS Word (Word, excel, project, PowerPoint), version 2003-2007 or PDF. The proposal text should have at least 12 points and 8 points for presentation of information in figures and tables.

2. Vendors should provide printable information on pages on standard 8.5" x 14" format. However, the center prefers single sided pages.

3. The pages should follow a sequence in numbering excluding the project schedule. The page numbers must appear in the same page in the bidder's proposal. The vendor should assign index numbers to figures, tables, charts and diagrams, which should reference the numbers in the proposal.

4. Vendors should put their business names in the header or footer of every page.

5. The proposal shall label exhibits such as tables, graphs and graphics.

6. Eligibility of the proposal is a significant requirement

7. Submission of the proposal should follow the specified timeline.

Proposal Requirements

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The RFP course of action and information within the proposal are the property of Future Correctional Center and the reactions to the RFP become the property of the issuing organization. Therefore, the State has mandated to use any or the provided information contained in the replies unless the bidder or vendor designates the information as proprietary. Every reply containing proprietary information should have a mark "PROPRIETARY" and the hospital will not release information here within. In addition, the correctional center will choose finalists to illustrate their product and develop a customer visit for the vendor that offers the chosen demonstration. The centre invites vendors who will supply it with an EMR system. However, although the center aims to get a complete health information system, it may decide to uphold its present ancillary systems.

TOPIC: Business Proposal on RFP in Healthcare Industry Request Assignment

1) Future Correctional Center expects vendors to provide interfaces from their systems to incorporate them into their present system applications.

2) Although the centre seeks to obtain a system through a single vendor, the center may select part or a vendor's entire proposal.


The following table shows the timeline for this procurement:


Oct / 13

Nov / 13


Jan / 14

Issue RFP


The center will conduct a bidder's teleconference.


The centre will receive the letters of purpose (not a must but welcomed). The centre will accept email confirmations.


The center will receive and react to questions from vendors.


The centre will supply answers to the vendor's questions.


Deadline for proposal reception (16:00 hrs)


Complete proposal assessments.


The centre will conduct illustrations.


The center will conduct reference checks.


The center will conduct site visits.


The center will choose the successful vendor subject to contract agreements.


The center will start vendor contract negotiations.


Background Information

In order to facilitate the evaluations of responses to this RFP, Future Correctional Center requests the vendors to prepare their proposals and offer the necessary information in accordance with the following requirements:

The vendor should offer s description of their companies

The vendors should offer an organization chart and profile of the proposed team experts including the senior personnel responsible for the center's project

The vendor should include a decision-making model of the command to use during the implementation process and post-project progressing support

The vendor should include a background of experience in handling similar projects

The vendor should list his or her past clients associated with projects of the same type

The vendor should describe the strategy to use in carrying out the project and highlight practices used in other projects

The vendor should include research or lessons learnt that favor his or her recommended approach

The vendor should illustrate any unique methods that may contribute to the success of the project

The vendor should offer the management procedures to use in the project

The vendor should also offer any perceived risks and risk reactions for the project

Corporate Due Diligence

Future Correctional Center created this section in order to identify the common requirements of a viable vendor. The hospital requests the vendors to provide the required information in the outlined format:


Vendor Response

The legal name of the responding organization

The address of the responsible organization in completing the project

The ownership of the organization -- public / private

A definition of the organization's legal structure (e.g., corporation, partnership)

The year of founding the organization

The length of time the organization has operated providing the proposed product

The number of employees the organization has set aside to work on the proposed project

The exact location of the company

The customer service policy

The user training methods and policy

The quality control or audit of the product proposed

Vendor or Bidder Selection

The choosing of the successful vendor or bidder will entirely depend on the quality and price variables. Therefore, the selection process will consider the response to the solicitation, cost, warranties, responsibility, and accomplishment of service and deadline of delivery. In addition, the contract will require software that will integrate with the existing systems. In any extent, the products and services should qualify in the metric system of measurement. In addition, the products and services should have the capability to protect the environment and save energy.


Future Correctional Center requires a minimum of two bound copies; in addition, the center will require an electronic copy on a compact disc (CD) or digital videodisc (DVD) of the proposal. In addition, the proposal should reach the center before 16:00 hours on November 19, 2013. On reception, the center's secretary will stamp the proposals according to the timeline upon a receipt. The cost quotations for hardware, software, adjustments, conversion, and maintenance of both software and hardware should correspond to the U.S. Dollars.

In addition, the software configuration and all the required information should have a comprehensive summary; the center prefers the details in table form. However, all other options beyond the stated project should have separate information on the items and costs. Therefore, requires vendors will complete as many answers in the requirement tables and offer supporting narrative for any yes or no answers. For instance, if a question does not apply or you cannot answer it, please offer the reasons. In addition, the center will accept a separate feedback document as long as it refers comprehensively to the table sections within this RFP.


The total cost of the proposed EMR software is an important factor n determining the appropriate offerings that will satisfy the needs of the correctional center. Therefore, the center requires every vendor or bidder to supply a complete estimation of the costs for the proposed EMR software solution. The center requests that for every hypothetical practice, the vendor should provide a cost estimate. The estimate should not exceed two pages each. In addition, for each estimate, the vendor will have to itemize the solution practiced. Therefore, this will require a description of the item based on price, and how the price will varies by the size of the practice. If the vendor fails to provide the required products, the vendor will have to identify the items and offer reasonable price estimation based on their experience in similar projects. In addition, if the estimate considers existing resources such as internet connection, this should appear clearly. A copy of the license is inclusive, and vendors should attach.

For instance, the vendor should recommend a price for the necessary software to establish a local area connection over which will aid communication with the server. In addition, the vendor will provide pricing for the administrative staff at the workstations, including the minimum and appropriate configurations, operating system and versions. The vendor will also suggest pricing for other accessories such… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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