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Advertising - Ad Campaign Analysis


recent television advertisement for Trim Spa features Anna Nichole Smith shortly before her recent death. After years of being obese, as prominently displayed in a television series following her daily life, Anna Nichole suddenly lost all her excess bodyweight and regained the figure that had enabled her to work as a model and actress, and before that, as an exotic dancer in Texas.

Many speculated that her dramatic weight loss must have been made possible by liposuction surgery, particularly because it is inconceivable that a person who exhibited her immaturity and complete ineptitude in everyday life could ever have possibly maintained a dietetic regimen or an exercise program sufficient to account for her physical transformation. Nevertheless, Anna Nichole was able to resume a successful career as a paid celebrity spokesperson who endorsed Trim Spa, the diet product that claimed credit for her recent weight loss.

The advertisement, which was apparently designed to appeal to a specific target audience, featured elements of all three components of classic rhetoric, in its obvious use of an ethical appeal (Ethos), an appeal to emotions (Pathos), and an appeal to logical conclusion (Logos), (Belch & Belch, 1998).


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In the advertisement, the appeal to ethics is glaringly obvious, merely by the use of Anna Nichole Smith as a spokesperson. Anna Nichole Smith exemplifies the so-called cult of personality" and the relatively recent phenomenon of celebrities who, like Anna

Term Paper on Rhetorical Analysis on Ad Assignment

Nichole and Paris Hilton, are famous for nothing besides being famous. This commercial represents the use of Ethos even more than most, because unlike celebrity endorsements using high-profile athletes to market sports products, Anna Nichole was likely selected specifically because of her fame rather than because she had ever demonstrated that she was remotely capable of following the directions accompanying the visual images. Had the emphasis of the commercial been to convey that conscientious use of the product along with the balanced lifestyle recommended in the fine print on the package and visible (even if hardly readable) at the bottom of the screen in words reading, "Use as part of a diet and exercise program," the manufacturer could have chosen several other recognizable female celebrities who would seem more capable of following those directions as well as those to "consult a physician before using." Anna Nichole was obviously selected strictly for her notoriety.


The advertisement appeals to logic in its hope that it communicates the image of youth, physical beauty, and sex appeal. In this respect,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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