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Richard Falk / Globalization from Below the controversial term of globalization mainly refers to a succession of improvements in relation to international reforms in economy that promote a global centre of funds by influencing countries in joining their potentials. One of the greatest achievements of globalizing the economy has been the faster developing of Southern Economies due to the improvement of their relations with the northerners. As the process took place in the Third-world countries, its benefits have been debated since it encouraged progress among the aristocracy with no regards to the demoralizing consequences it had on the lower classes. Several countries attempted to combat economic globalization through different means and methods but their endeavors have ended in failure sooner or later, leaving them aspiring for foreign investors.

One of the main reasons for which globalization is being denounced is because it is being exploited by the international market without any intervention from the corrupt authorities, regardless to how it affects the masses. This type of globalization had a comforting impact on economy by boosting its growth, but a devastating aftermath on the less fortunate one for the public. Richard Falk branded this side of globalization as "globalization-from-above."

This pattern of development is identified here as "globalization from above," a set of forces and legitimating ideas that is in many respects located beyond the effective reach of territorial authority and that has enlisted most governments as tacit partners."

Falk, 130)

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Society has set free a number of factions hostile to the concept of globalization generating movements like environmentalism or localism that are protesting against globalization and the repercussions it has on either people or nature and have had numerous triumphs in their struggle.

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