Richard Hamilton's Work Interior Is a Complex Thesis

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Richard Hamilton's work Interior is a complex artistic expression where the artist succeeds, through the use of collages, but also through a mixture of photographic art and painting, to give a personal expression of an otherwise regular scene in a room. One of the first thing that impresses in the technique he uses is the presence of an almost infinite number of layers, giving, in the relative spectrum of a bi-dimensional frame, the idea of perspective and of the existence of three dimensions. Perhaps the center of the creation, with the presence of the table is most eloquent in this sense: the leg of the table is almost real and sticking out of the picture. At the same time, the table itself seems a distinct element in a yet unitary picture because it belongs to the same collage.

Another thing worth pointing out in the picture is the fact that, despite the existence of numerous layers and the combination of painting and photographic art, the picture is very unitary. This is perhaps most obvious in the left part of the painting, where the description is continuous, although there are several layers there. On the other hand, even the seemingly void spaces, such as the ones in the middle of the creation, including the part with the television set, are still well integrated into the overall framework.

One could probably argue referring to this picture that the artist's intention is to use collages in order to create visual illusions for the viewer, not necessarily with a distinct message, but as an artistic expression of his beliefs.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Thesis on Richard Hamilton's Work Interior Is a Complex Assignment

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