Rights and Developing Countries Human Essay

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These communal groupings have been present in India since the colonial times. There have been several incidences where members of these communities have massacred one another. In one occurrence, Islamic militants murdered Hindus in Kerala. There was also an event during the partition of India where people of all religions died in great numbers. The riots and murder in India has brought to light the importance of human rights. Development and knowledge have made India develop policies that are able to safeguard human rights. There is a shift in ideology to previous human rights issues that concentrated on liberty and civil rights to the present model (Stefancic and Delgado, 1992). In the present world, non-governmental organizations have just changed their tactics to remain relevant.


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availablefrom http://sup.kathimerini.gr/xtra/media/files/kathimerini/pdf/politic130109.pdf

TOPIC: Essay on Rights and Developing Countries Human Assignment

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