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RING of GYGES was famous for the power of invisibility that it could grant its wearer. However there is a philosophical twist to the story. According to Glaucon, the wearer would become a god like figure among men if he wore the ring. He further added that if this ring was given to someone but he refused to wear it then become would think he is a wretched idiot.

Socrates did not agree with this viewpoint. He agreed that wearer would become unjust even if he was a just person otherwise but if someone refused to wear it, Socrates believed he would at least be at peace with himself. This is an interesting argument and I imagined what I would do if I had the ring.

A cannot say that I would refuse to wear it. I will most certainly take the opportunity to wear it and will then use it for various purposes. I will of course promise myself that I won't hurt anyone but will I be always just? I don't really think so. I know the one thing I would most surely is snoop around the school. I will try not to hurt anyone but I will enter the restricted area to see what is coming in exams and if exam papers have already been prepared by teachers.

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Term Paper on Ring of Gyges Was Famous for the Assignment

That is one thing I know I would do if I could become invisible. I don't think I would go out in streets and try to be the savior of the world. But I know that if I come across a situation where I can save someone or protect something which is under danger then I… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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