Risk Factors for Abuse: Does Substance Essay

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Risk Factors for Abuse: Does Substance Abuse Play a Role?

Child abuse and domestic violence are prevalent problems in society today. Substance abuse, including drug and alcohol abuse, are also serious epidemics in American society today. Unfortunately, these two tend to go hand-in-hand. MSNBC reports that there were about 8 million people involved in relationships that were emotionally or physically abusive as of 2006 (Van Zandt, 2006).

The headlines are hard to escape. Babies being burned to death while their meth-addicted father was experiencing a fit of rage or mothers with crack addictions selling their infant children to drug dealers is unfortunately the type of news people are more and more accustomed to hearing. While abuse can't always be prevented, an analysis of the characteristics of people with abusive personalities as well as an examination of the link between substance abuse and child or domestic abuse may open more doors when it comes to rehabilitation.

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While it would be possible to break the issue up into two sections, the characteristics of abusive people and the role that substance abuse plays in the lives of those with abusive personalities, the truth is that substance abuse is one of the chief characteristics of abusers. According to an article in the American Journal of Public Health, "Alcohol and Drug Disorders Among Physical Abusive and Neglectful Parents in a Community-Based Sample," "Substance abuse has been termed the 'domninant characteristic' of families in the Child abuse and neglect caseloads of some states' (Kelleher, Chaffin, Hollenberg, & Fischer, 1994). This goes to show that although there may be other characteristics of those prone to being abusive, substance abuse is a primary concern and a telltale personality trait.

Essay on Risk Factors for Abuse: Does Substance Abuse Assignment

Even the American Humane Association, a non-profit organization charged with protecting humans and animals from abuse at the hands of others, suggests that substance abuse plays a critical role in the abuse of humans and animals alike. "Many states have searched for links as to the cause of child abuse deaths," they say. "Many believe that substance abuse by the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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