Risk Management in Software Development Projects Interview

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¶ … individuals interviewed for this study is provided in Table __ below:


Manner of interview

Ahmed Alsaleh

Business Manager


Amr Jad

Researcher in Risk Management


Fahad Altfery

Senior IS Department


Ibrahim Alquhtani

Project Team Leader


Haitham Almayyan

Senior and work over engineer


Hussein Zedan

Technical Director of STRL


Khalid Alali

Solutions Architect


Mansour Alammari

Project Risk Specialist


Nasser Almalki

Business Analyst


Sultan Hamad

Senior it project Manager

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Interview on Risk Management in Software Development Projects Assignment

According to Neuman (2003), although face-to-face interviews enjoy several distinct advantages over telephonic or other computer-mediated interview methodologies including the ability to observe nonverbal communication cues and so forth, the interview process itself is also characterized by several constraints that must be taken into account to help achieve successful outcomes. Telephonic interviews, though, enjoy the advantage of being able to reach virtually anyone with a phone, making approximately 95% of the world's population potential interviewees (Neuman, 2003). Despite the constraints that are associated with the interview approach, interviews with individuals remains one of the best ways of collecting the type of primary data that is needed for many research projects today (O'Day & Killeen, 2002).

To ensure congruence between the interview results and the type of information being sought, it is important for researchers to ensure that their structured interview questions are tied to their guiding research questions (Neuman, 2003), a step that was followed in the development of the interview questions used in this study. There are some ethical issues that must be considered in conducting interviews, though, including the need to obtain informed consent from all interviewees prior to commencing the interviews. For instance, Daly (1999) reports that, "The interview is the creation of an unnatural social situation, introduced by a researcher, for the purpose of polite interrogation. It is this situation, delicate by definition, which is ethically questionable" (p. 98). Therefore, steps must be taken by the researcher to address these ethical issues by advising participants of the type of research and what their involvement will involve using informed consent prior to the conduct of any interview. In this regard, Skarbek, Henry and Parish (2006) emphasize that, "This means that every person is an autonomous decision maker and should receive information so that he or she can make a voluntary choice to participate in any research study. An informed consent assists in ensuring that research follows this principle" (p. 27). Therefore, since informed consent and permission to use their names was obtained from all interviewees preparatory to the conduct of the interviews and analysis of the resulting data and the personal data collected will be destroyed upon completion of the research process, the interview approach was deemed the best suited for the purposes of this study since it provided the ability to collect empirical observations and insights concerning risk management practices in software development project from real-world practitioners.

The verbatim transcripts of the structured interviews with the above individuals are provided in Table __ through __ below, with recurring key words, themes and metaphors, as well as any quantitative data that emerged from the analysis being reported in the adjacent column.


Responses to interview questions and recurring key words, themes and metaphors




Q1: Have you worked with any software project? And if so, which stage did you work with it?

A.A: Yes, I have developed system for renting cars in Saudi Arabia. (1)

A.J: Yes, I have worked in software project, I worked in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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