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[. . .] Arranging this community activity gave me a sense of satisfaction of becoming an effective member of the society. Several efforts have been made by governments and other agencies to increase awareness about the need for the active participation of community members in creating and executing of public health interventions. This experience supported the claims that community involvement can bring an encouraging impact to the improvement of health related issues such as traffic safety.

3. What are the needs of the population that you interacted with for this assignment?

The need for increased community contribution in social awareness programs like road safety has been widely acknowledged both internationally and nationally. It was observed that, the population of the given community needs a constant support from eligible and resourceful members of the community in order to combat with various social issues that arise time to time within the community. For instance, I tried to encourage Community schools to coordinate and share the resources they possess in order to increase awareness related to various social issues like road safety within the community. Moreover, a Road Safety in Schools Project may involve introducing publications on road safety measures in syllabus for students in primary and secondary classes. In addition, I offered my services in arranging free of cost seminars on Road safety awareness in local community hall will help in community empowerment process.

After taking an initiative in community development programs, I realized the need for liaison between the government departments and community members that can help making the program more efficient and successful. The community members necessitate a variety of ideas in arranging, planning and evaluating road safety programs. Not to forget, initiatives that necessitate community involvement are just one way of increasing social awareness within the community, otherwise a balance between initiatives taken by the government or State and community is highly desirable.

4. How can you help make a difference with this group?

It was observed that a difference in the road safety awareness can be brought effectively by encouraging community participation in social awareness programs like road safety. Hence, my priority was to select and design suitable programs for the community that will impact every member of the society and help them becoming more aware of road safety measures. I requested community members to take part in such programs in future too for welfare of this particular region. Due to my efforts, local committee started to receive financial and professional resources from the government that will help increase community development. Such facilities will support the community committee members in implementing effective strategies to arrange social awareness programs in future. The committee will serve as a medium for the community members to share their concerns regarding social issues in the community like road safety that will be conveyed to the concerned government authorities if needed.

I will achieve success in encouraging community member's contribution in the social awareness programs by communicating with the active members of community, low cost media promotion has proved to an effective tool as a key approach for public communication. This community activity provided an effective picture of how local policies can be put into practice at relatively low spending and offering noteworthy benefits to the community. I hold support from local leaders, which are expected to be more effective in comparison to other approaches that do not involve significant involvement of community.

Nevertheless, barriers in large scale and continuous participation of community members exist. Such barriers are quite a lot and most of these are connected with one another. I have decided to take care of such issues whether they include personnel or planning issues. As I have realized that, if properly planned and resourced, community contribution possesses the potential to contribute in decreasing in traffic injury and deaths.


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