Robert Courtney Case Term Paper

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Robert Courtney Case

Robert Courtney was a successful pharmacist in Kansas City, MO, who got greedy and decided he would water down cancer-related drugs in order to pocket money for himself. He did not get away with his ill-gotten gains, and in fact he has admitted his guilt and has been sentenced to up to thirty years for his crimes. This paper delves into the life and crimes of Courtney, who was a minister's son and was active in the Northland Cathedral Pentecostal Church, giving large amounts of money to the church building fund, and singing in the choir.

What did Courtney do to land in federal prison? CBS News reports that Courtney admitted to watering down the drugs of thirty-four cancer victims; but authorities familiar with the Courtney case say he may have "diluted 98,000 prescriptions" that were issued through "about 400 doctors" possibly having a negative affect on up to 4,200 patients" (Freed, 2009, p. 2).

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The drugs that Courtney admitted diluting were Taxol and Gemzar (drugs used for chemotherapy patients) and cancer-fighting drugs, Platinol and Paraplatin, according to Freed's account in the CBS News story. The New York Times reports that prior to Courtney's arrest in 2001, he had "amassed $18.7 million in total assets" albeit he was reporting to the IRS that he earned far less than that (Draper, 2003). The Times' article went into great depths in its investigation, pointing to Courtney's lavish lifestyle, his crude treatment of his second wife (he wanted her to be "…like a doll on a shelf"), and his habit of "fending off inquiries from pharmaceutical reps in the Kansas City region about how much of which drugs he was selling" (Draper, p. 3).

Term Paper on Robert Courtney Case Robert Courtney Was a Assignment

He got caught because "He was sloppy," according to Todd Graves, the U.S. Attorney who served as prosecutor in the litigation against Courtney (Draper, p. 3). The moral code that Courtney operated by "required a rationale," Draper writes. That rationale? "He most likely took comfort in what amounted to his defense in the civil proceedings against him" that regardless of the worthlessness… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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