Robin Hood Case Study

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Business Management Case Study -- Robin Hood

What are Robin's key problems? How are they related to each other? Trace their emergence.

Robin Hood faces numerous organizational problems. The original structure whereby Robin maintained full authority over all substantial business operations is no longer appropriate now that the size of the organization has grown beyond the scope of what any individual can supervise without delegating certain areas of responsibility. In addition to the logistical impracticalities of single-person leadership, the organization apparently lacks any hiring standards. In light of the fact that the organizational mission and purpose is altruistic, it would be preferable for the organization to screen job applicants to weed out those whose motivation does not relate directly to those goals.

That is particularly important now that the organization is large enough that some of its operational needs require support from non-operational areas such as in relation to sheltering and supplying personnel in the field. In many respects, the fact that some of the organization's functions do not involve robbing and redistributing wealth means that employees responsible for support and ancillary functions should be even more philosophically committed to the organizational mission if they are expected to sustain their focus over the long-term.

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The current needs of the organization demand that in addition to recruiting and hiring the most motivated and philosophically committed individuals, applicants must be screened by a background review of sufficient scope and detail to identify attempted infiltration of the organization by its chief competitor. Similarly, achievement of the organizational mission would be greatly enhanced by establishing a training program in which experienced employees shared their experiences and knowledge with new hires.

2. Which problems should Robin tackle first?

TOPIC: Case Study on Robin Hood Assignment


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