Business Plan: Robot Cleaning Machine Business Plan

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[. . .] Some of the key components that will be considered when these to departments come together will be to calculate the actual labor that the personnel gathers for each region when they meet with administration in order to determine how many people it will take at each facility in order to meet each company's quota for the new product, the Bot2000. We will also break it down even more precisely by determining the number of customers that just one employee can service. An example of this would be once determining the number of workers that are needed, therefore, if it takes one worker to serve 200 customers and forecast 2000 customers in our first annual report, the business will need 20 employees and so forth. Human resources will also work closely with the accounting department to determine how much money that each laborer will earn and the total the expense of the workers total pay.

The projects assumptions were made as we were deciding on preparing the project because they are the concerns we have in different areas and some possible outcomes of Top with what they do and it's the business plan has been certain things you will you Notch. We concluded that certain employees are willing and excited about the changes that are being made because of the overtime, consistent schedules and money that there is to be made, and we support and feel that the promotions that we will implement within and decide upon will be easier and cut hiring costs because of the similarities that the newest machines that are going to be constructed are going to be similar with the types of machines we already have that mostly all employees are manufacturing now except a few new machines that the new or promoted machine operators will be interviewing for. There will be consistent training and meetings with people that are working on the new machines to discuss feedback and suggestions that need to be considered or investigated as well as the enforced communication that needs be going on between the training and machine supervisors to the newly introduced machine operators. We understand that there will be some low production numbers at first and employee training; however, we do realize that the number of output required for each machine operator will improve, and these numbers will be recorded and looked over daily. The analysts who review output production within an 8 to 12 period shift and whether it matters if there is a male or female. With these different numbers if they are consistent where men and women or consistent on the machine in general after people become familiar the production will close to the same amount. Assuming this data and employees, we will know that it is because of their labor and production behaviors or if anyone has the capability to learn and carry out that job duty because we do not discriminate and want to make sure what people are the best for certain position. We also assume by human resource wise hiring and carrying out advice of the consultants, as well as making sure we are consistent in reviewing the numbers and reporting them we will fare well.

Cash flow forecasting is to test the viability of a financial decision, and we feel that this will assist the company in developing a representation of the mode in which currency shifts within our Bot2000 project. Below you will find a table of our expected sales and other operational costs that will predict the success of our new product.

Cash Flow Statement

Based on the First Month of Bot2000 Sales

Budget $

Actual $

Cash Received:

1. Product Sales



2. Commission Fees



3. Supply Sales



4. Interest Income



5. Operating Loan



6. Facility Loan



Total Cash Received (1-6)



Cash Disbursed:

7. Fixed Assets



8. Product Purchases



9. Wages



10. Packing



11. Inspection Fees



12. Insurance



13. Transportation



14. Utilities



15. Maintenance



16. Office Supplies



17. Legal Fees & Audit



18. Brokerage Fees… [END OF PREVIEW]

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