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¶ … Robots." (January 15, 2008). Internet. Retrieved at


This website is a very good starting point for anyone interested in reading and/or researching the technologies linked to robots and robotics. Features many Internet links, such as an in-depth report from the CBC Canada on robotics, what is a robot and "A Robot in Every Home" by Bill Gates (Scientific American, January 2007). There are also a number of technical reports and articles and much information on current robot technology, along with some of the best existing robots with the capabilities to replace humans. This excellent site also features a full reading list and a comprehensive bibliography on robots and related technologies.

Isom, James. (2002 -- 2003). "A Brief History of Robotics." Robotics Laboratory. Internet. Retrieved at full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Annotated Bibliography on Robots. (January 15, 2008). Internet. Retrieved at Assignment

This website features an extensive timeline on the history of robotics, beginning in 350 B.C.E. with the Greek mathematician Archytas of Tarentum who built a mechanical bird propelled… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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