Role of the Correctional System in Punishing and Rehabilitating Offenders Essay

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Correctional system plays a critical role in punishing, rehabilitating, and protecting the population of criminals. The correctional system was adopted in the criminal justice system in attempts to rehabilitate criminals and reduce crime rather than punish offenders. In order to achieve its goal, the correctional system seeks to rehabilitate criminals through skilled labor and education. As the correctional system has continued to evolve over the years, there have been various divergent sections in this criminal justice segment. Regardless of these developments of the correctional system, there are various concerns whether the system accomplishes its goals and proper expenditure of the allocated funds.

Punishment of Offenders in the Correctional System:

In addition to enforcing the established laws, safeguarding citizens from criminal acts, and ensuring that citizens aren't falsely imprisoned, punishing convicted criminals is one of the major roles and purpose of the correctional system. Since punishment is one of its major objectives, the correctional system should act as the restriction against recidivism by a convicted criminal. Furthermore, this segment of the criminal justice system should also serve as an example to other people in the society of the reason to avoid criminal activities.

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As part of its mandate, the correctional system enforces the sentence given to a criminal by the court through various ways. These various ways include operating prisons, administering probation for criminals serving a prison term in the community, and supervising parole for offenders released from prison. One of the most commonly used techniques of punishing offenders through the correctional system is incarceration ("Role of the Correctional System," n.d.). Additional examples of punishment of offenders in the correctional system include the use of the death penalty and lesser penalties like probation.

TOPIC: Essay on Role of the Correctional System in Punishing and Rehabilitating Offenders Assignment

In some states, local judges have been given an extended range of likely sentences in response to the numerous pressures regarding the economic concerns associated with corrections facilities. The programs that have been provided to the judges provide instant punishments with more control than probation but are not the complete confinement of prison. These programs are sometimes known as community corrections and include punishments like work release programs, house arrest, and boot camps.

Throughout the years, the correctional system has mainly depended on prisons and probation as the main methods of dealing with offenders ("Balancing Justice," n.d.). However, there are other punishments that have been developed in the correctional system in the recent past. These punishments have been developed to deal with criminals who are considered to be non-violent and with low-risk. While the punishments are generally regarded as less severe methods than imprisonment or incarceration, some of them can actually be harsh than imprisonment periods. For instance, criminals sometimes state that the demands of restitution and community service are harsh than those of incarceration.

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