Role Development for Advanced Nursing Essay

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Advance Nursing Practices

In the last few decades, advance nursing has emerged as a healthcare system to provide better and expertise services in nursing fraternity. It has however, forced governments around the world to recognize nursing contributions to health care through expanding their role as an effective way to improve healthcare service delivery to patients in various health care facilities (Schober and Affara, 2006).

However, advanced practice nursing (APN) is design to provide a complex and a dynamic health care system needs and demands in a flexible manner to a community. Moreover, the role of advanced nursing practices have revolutionized from the traditional scope of nursing, where only the use of nursing knowledge was involved to a more dynamic and comprehensive use of other skills and experiences are involve in service delivery (Bailey, P., L. Jones and D. Way, 2006).

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Therefore, these skills and experiences are employed to meet the demand of more professionalism in nursing. In addition, in enhancing nursing practices, institutes of higher learning have created a broader curriculum at master level of studies to prepare nurses to wider challenges. For example nurses being trained as a researcher, a collaborator, a clinician, a consumer advocate, a manager of systems, a consultant and an agent of change. These skills and experiences also provide knowledge on string critical thinking and decision making skills. The ability to critically and accurately asses, plan, intervene and evaluate the health illness which the client experiences (Marie-Laure Delamaire, Gaetan Lafortune, 2010).

Essay on Role Development for Advanced Nursing Assignment

Besides, advance nursing role represent innovation and continuously challenge the boundaries of nursing practice and existing modes of health care delivery to a community. More importantly advance practice nurses (APN) as innovator in the field help in shaping the quality and safety of health care. However, successful model can't be born, implemented, or sustained effectively without data. it's therefore upon nurses to collect and track these data to improve practices and service delivery to greater height. and, therefore master prepared nurses play a vital role as managers to ensure that this is meant within the specified department.

A nurse as a researcher

Generally researchers are tasked with responsibility of finding out more results on various issues related to the field of practice. Therefore as nurse researcher he/she is responsible for problem identification within the clinical practice settings, awareness of practice outcomes and clinical application of research (Styles & Lewis 2000). They assist in creating the genesis for scientific clinical practices, prevention and improved patient outcomes. Therefore, nurse researcher should be supported through funding (Bailey, P., L. Jones and D. Way. 2006).

Furthermore, nurse researchers' uses new knowledge to analyze the outcomes of nursing interventions to initiate change which could improve practices. Therefore the findings of the research obtained are used to provide strong foundation to what should be done to patients in a daily basis. The research however, provides a new way to asses, evaluate and deliver proficient nursing care. It allows professional growth by providing the most accurate tools and opportunities to advance the specialty at work.

Nurse as a clinician

Clinician is an advance nursing practice being offered as an advance course at the master level. However, clinicians play a vital role which involves the holistic knowing of patients, enhanced communications amongst caregivers and lateral integration of care (a Darzi - 2009). Besides, for the success of health facility e.g. hospitals, clinics and home-based care, clinicians normally establish a strong partnership with the mix of staff to deliver optimal care ensuring safety and quality outcome.

A collaborator

The master education level provides an advance nursing skills and knowledge which could nurses to develop partnership with emerging health systems. However, as a collaborator nurse, he/she has an ability to interact with various constituencies. Besides, he/she as skills for communication negotiation and organizing change within the system.

Therefore, the roles of nurse as a collaborator are to consult with others within and outside of the discipline, to establish strong links among educational institutions, clinical institutions and the community at large. As a collaborator, a master prepared nurse uses a broad framework to build effective relationships within and among groups to enhance nursing education, communicate with peers, students, administrators, communities and others to facilitate the enactment of the best health care system in nursing.

However, mater prepared nurse as a collaborator normally play vital role in legislation of health care system. For example, during the debate and enactment of health care system in 2009 "ObamaCare" master prepared nurses were engaged at various levels within the congress and outside as lobbyist to explain the health care system agenda, as collaborator, they also explain the nursing curriculum to various constituencies' peers, students, regulators and other health related discipline (Ara Darzi, M.D, 2009).

Consumer advocate

There are certain complaints within the health care system which sometimes might ruin nurse patient's relations. This however, requires nurse as a consumer advocate to turn difficult situations into a positive one. However, consumer advocacy is meant to empower consumers, restore trust and improve the health care experiences of the patients and families they serve. They also act as liaisons with administration and clinical staff, cutting through tape (Debra Wood, 2012).

In addition, nurses as consumer advocate protect the right of patients in the health care facilities. They also investigate patients complains and grievances regarding quality of care and services rendered to a patient. As a consumer advocate, nurses do carry surveys on patient satisfaction on the quality of health care being offered and promote the adherences to patient confidentiality, respect and dignity (Aggie Geoghegan, 2008).

Therefore, consumer advocates hears about a problem early and let the patient or family fret about it. A consumer advocate also, ensures that any care complaints that come in after discharge must be handled using a formal grievance process outlined by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Irene Zbiczak explained. The hospital must issue a letter of acknowledgement within seven days, conduct an investigation and write a resolution letter (Debra Wood, 2012).

Manager of systems

As a manger nurses are responsible in providing nurse plans, give directions, develop staff, monitor operations, give rewards fairly, and represent both staff members and administration as needed. He or she is tasked to in managing the nursing care of individuals, groups, families and communities. The nurse manager delegates nursing activities to ancillary workers and other nurses and supervises and evaluates their performance (Barbara Kuhn Timby, 2008).

However, as a consultant, the nurse provides health teaching to effect behavior change which focuses on acquiring new knowledge or technical skills. This role gives emphasis on health promotion and health maintenance of better system. A nurse is tasked with listening to various issues on health care. He or she provides professional, skilled and competent counsel services to patients (Barbara Kuhn Timby, 2008).

Change Agent

The master prepared a nurse has a knowledge and skills to initiates changes and assist the client make modifications in the lifestyle to promote health. As a change agent he or she is involves in identification of the problem, assessing the client's motivations and capacities for change. The role of a nurse as an agent of change is also to determining alternatives, assessing resources, determining appropriate helping roles, establishing and maintaining a helping relationship, recognizing phases of the change process, and guiding the client through these phases (Aggie Geoghegan, 2008).

Effective communication is the key to better performance for any organization. Therefore, even nursing professionals have developed strategies to ensure that the communication within and outside are rendered accordingly. However, nursing communication strategies bring in vocabularies which are better known by only the professionals within nursing fraternity. it's to ensure that the communications within the professionals are only understood by the medical practitioners. This therefore requires all medical practitioners to comprehend these medical terms for effective communication and better delivery of health care services (Karen a. Plager, 2007).

Besides vocabulary strategy in nursing profession, listening, speaking, better written communication, and command over language are also employed to ensure that better services are delivered in health care. This important because when a person who is ill is explaining some of the issues related to his/her illness, a nurse should be able to listen attentively and write them down for effective respond (Karen a. Plager, 2007).

At master level nurses are prepared as negotiators within the health care system. This when there is a conflict in the work place, or sometimes when doctors are out of the office, normally nurses are left behind to interact with patients. But they also normally take blames for bad food, noisy in the wards and slow response to patient needs. Therefore, they do take time to negotiate with patients in way to satisfy their needs. Again, nurses normally negotiate on issues which arise

However, when there is competing interest between patients. Nurses are task with mediation role through negotiation to ensure that the conflict is solved amicably. In case of such conflict a nurse normally advocate for various care protocols, and agitate for a little… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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