Role of Engineers in Water Industry Research Proposal

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Water Engineering

The Role of Engineers in the Water Industry

From the times the Romans built the aqueducts -- indeed, since the time the fields of Mesopotamia were irrigated -- one of the most essential services of engineering to society has been the manipulation of water. As one of the basic necessities of life, the ability to provide water where none can be found is vital to today's agricultural industry and the upkeep of many cities and whole populations of people. Just as essential, though perhaps somewhat less grand in the way it comes across, is the use of water in the removal of wastes, both in the form of sewage and industrial waste. The prevention of disease and environmental degradation depends upon the ability to efficiently and effectively remove waste from areas where it is created, and it is up to engineers to implement the methods for achieving this. Engineers employed in such fields are a subset of civil engineers, most often employed by various governmental agencies and working on behalf of the citizens (DOT 2003). Specifically, engineers in the various water industries possess a specific knowledge base concerning how water can be moved, and harnessing its power in a variety of ways for the maintenance and betterment of society.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Research Proposal on Role of Engineers in Water Industry Assignment

Water engineers do not simply assist their own societies, however, but also export their talents to the developing world -- helping it, in fact, to develop. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, for instance, is involved in many international projects to help certain countries and communities develop better water systems and infrastructures to provide clean water and adequate sewage systems to their citizens (USACE 2009). This affords the water engineers working on these projects opportunities to travel and see cultures and parts of the world, and to do some real good for the people living there. The fact that water engineering is so closely tied to the quality of life and of health for a given community is one of the aspects of this field of engineering that makes it such a compelling career option; the services provided by water engineers are essential to a healthy, happy, and functioning society. This is also likely one of the reasons that engineering jobs, especially for civil engineering projects such as most water engineering endeavors, are expected to remain stable or even rise in the coming years, despite the possibility of a continued economic slowdown (U.S. BLS 2009). The projects in which water engineers are engaged are truly indispensable, meaning that those who are willing to push themselves and achieve truly great things in what they strive to do will never need to worry either about job security or job satisfaction -- there will always be newer and bigger projects and prospects on the horizon. When the work itself would be so engaging and imperative -- designing systems to deliver water efficiently to many locations in sufficient quantities, for instance, or establishing a sewage treatment system that occupies less space and takes less time --… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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