Role of Engineers Book Report

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Role of Professional Engineers

This project consists of an outline of the professional roles and responsibilities of modern engineers in society. In general, engineers are responsible for the efficient application of scientific principles to benefit human societies. More particularly, engineers perform essential operational roles in many industries that could not function without their expertise. Unlike ancient engineers who trained by apprenticeships, modern engineers receive rigorous academic instruction that includes differential calculus in numerous applications. As recent events in the Gulf of Mexico and in Chile illustrate, engineers also have a profound ethical responsibility to make sure that they adhere to acceptable safety principles.


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Generally, the primary role of modern engineers is to develop methods of improving human society by contributing methods for making work easier and more productive (Harris, Pritchard, & Rabins, 2008; Johnston, Gostelow, & Jones, 1999). The myriad ways that engineers contribute to society include developing transportation systems and the construction of homes, buildings, and other physical structures. Many industries are completely dependent on engineers with specialized training and experience within those particular industries. Two industries that are currently in the news illustrate the importance of engineers: (1) deep water oil drilling, and (2) underground mining. The nation is still coping with the aftermath of BP's Deep Water Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Currently, 33 miners are currently trapped under a collapsed mine in Chile, awaiting rescue. Within underwater oil drilling and underground mining, engineers are responsible for the design and manufacture of drilling equipment. They are also responsible for policy and procedure development, and for many aspects of administration and operational supervision of projects (Johnston, Gostelow, & Jones, 1999).

TOPIC: Book Report on Role of Engineers Assignment

Generally, engineers share a similar formal educational background that consists of traditional core courses within modern engineering: calculus, differential equations, mechanics, fluid dynamics, and strength of materials, among others (Johnston, Gostelow, & Jones, 1999). However, engineers receive more specialized training in particular fields of interest, just as physicians all study the same core medical courses and then specialize in training in different areas of medicine. All engineers require an aptitude for understanding symbolic logic (i.e. mathematics), spatial awareness, and the ability to think critically (Johnston, Gostelow, & Jones, 1999). The particular skills required of engineers are determined by the type of work they do or the nature of the industry in which they are involved.

For example, engineers working in the deep water oil drilling industry specialize in areas such as fluid mechanics, the properties of various materials under high osmotic pressure, oil composition, and other very specific aspects of engineering science that pertains to deep water drilling. Even more particularly, some engineers in that field may focus on drafting skills (such as in connection with equipment design) while others… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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