Interview: Role and Function

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[. . .] The experience shaped who he was by always wanting to give something back in order to make the world a better place. At the same time, Clevenger realized he could use his expertise to make positive improvements in the lives of stakeholders. He believed that his insights offer added safeguards in a system where so many people fall through the cracks. (J. Clevenger, personal communication, October 26, 2013)

A good example of this can be seen with Clevenger saying, "I grew up in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. In a place called Greenwood Village. It is an affluent community, where everyone is striving to outdo their neighbors. My father was a doctor and worked at the University of Colorado Medical Center. He volunteered me and the rest my family to help out at a soup kitchen every Christmas and Thanksgiving. These experiences let me see the other side of society which had nothing. I felt that living in an upper middle class community and the Greenwood Village lifestyle was not for me. Instead, I want to be out there among people and making a positive difference in their lives. This enables me to have a sense of fulfillment by knowing that I made a difference." The desire to want to give something back is what has pushed Clevenger to work in the field and remain committed to those stakeholders he serves. (J. Clevenger, personal communication, October 26, 2013)

What are the rewarding parts of the job?

The rewarding parts of the job are seeing the positive changes that are occurring based upon James' support, ideas and dedication. At the same time, he has a chance to reshape public policy through working with those who are the most vulnerable. This is something many of the most successful and caring people have done at some course during their lives. James has a similar kind of passion and concentrates on creating win -- win scenarios for everyone. (J. Clevenger, personal communication, October 26, 2013)

Commenting about these advantages Clevenger said, "The greatest benefit is to know that I made a difference in the lives of so many innocent people who are caught in the middle of a bad situation. Recently, we came across a case where the father was having an affair with his co worker and the mother was an alcoholic (who could not stop drinking). In this situation, their daughter felt isolated and alone. This made her cry and act out at school. We became involved after a teacher asked us to talk with the parents. This resulted in our organization working with both of them to seek out marriage and addiction counseling. The impact is that their home life has improved and the little girl is in a stable environment. These kinds of outcomes are what give me sense of joy. In knowing, that I played a part to help to have a brighter future." (J. Clevenger, personal communication, October 26, 2013)

What are the challenges of the job?

The challenges of the job are the horrible things he has seen other people to one another. According to James, this aspect can be very troubling as some problems are much deeper than the organization's resources, time, funding or personnel available. This means that some clients will often regress back into dangerous environments and behaviors. When this happens, they will more than likely feel powerless to control their lives, different events and the world around them. (J. Clevenger, personal communication, October 26, 2013)

This can lead to burnout and frustrations. James went through this when he was in private practice. This occurred with his frustrations from the bureaucracy and the way they deal with situations reactively vs. proactively. However, after spending 10 years in private practice, is when he realized that something was missing and began working the nonprofit. (J. Clevenger, personal communication, October 26, 2013)

Moreover, hearing the problems in everyone else's lives can be depressing. This means that anyone who works in the field must always maintain a positive mental attitude and avoid becoming frustrated. Otherwise, there is the possibility they will fall into a state of depression and lose their passion for helping others. This can cloud someone's objectivity and will eventually lead to them no longer working with stakeholders. In these… [END OF PREVIEW]

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