Role of Government in Health Essay

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The problem with health care and government's role in it is multi-faceted. As such, finding a solution to the problem would be exceedingly difficult (LeClerc & Moldoveanu, 2013). First, there is no single solution that would appease all of the relevant parties. For example, some people count on government involvement in the form of Medicare and protection for pre-existing conditions. However, others want little to no involvement with healthcare. Any solution to the problem would have to address both concerns or it would be considered a failure to at least some stakeholders and interested parties. This makes sense because there need to be multiple solutions based on level of need and consumer preference for those that have the discretion and resources to make their own choices and not be limited by finances.

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Essay on Role of Government in Health Assignment

There are a variety of ways to analyze the healthcare dilemma and come to a conclusion. The amount of complexity involved, as noted above, makes a singular solution a non-starter but a flow-chart-based solution based on what is needed and/or preferred would be best so that everyone can get the healthcare they need and that solution may or may not directly involve a government program but it would almost certainly involve some level of regulation. . One analytical techniques include looking at cause and effect. In other words, if choice A is made, then X will happen (or might happen) and if B. is done, then Y will happen (or might happen). A good example of this in a ACA context is that many employers are cutting employees to less than 30 hours a week to avoid having to give them health benefits as a matter of law requirement (Elson & Ferrere, 2013). Another analytical method is to use the scientific method to post a theory, test it and then evaluate the results (Blute & Armstrong, 2011). The problem with the scientific method in a United States healthcare context is that it's nearly impossible to test solutions in a sterile and enclosed environment. Most times, the real-world economy, either past or present, has to be the proverbial guinea pig.


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