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Additionally, effective manpower staffing requires that human resources make sure that an organization is not over-staffed as that may lead to a loss of revenues and efficiency, and creates workplace redundancy. To combat this risk, human resources must make sure that they employ competent workers. Furthermore, human resource management must clearly define what jobs entail to help prevent redundancy. Interviews conducted by human resources will further help to determine an employee or candidate's aptitude, achievements, and intelligence (Human Resource Management, 2011).

An employee advocated, one of the most important things that human resource management is responsible for is employee motivation. The evaluation of employees within an organization can be used to figure out to what extent an employee is motivated to perform his or her job. This evaluation will then help to improve an organization through employee improvement, the identification of prospects in an existing employee base, and helps to link job performance to financial rewards. Additionally, human resources must monitor an employee's mental and physical health and help to retain existing talent while simultaneously attracting new talent. One way in which human resources helps in these legal proceedings is to make sure that the organization complies with federal labor regulations.

Through the fulfillment of operational and strategic roles, human resources ensures that an organization is externally and internally healthy and that it continues to operate in the most efficient manner possible.


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