Role and Importance of the Poets Essay

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¶ … role and importance of the poets has changed throughout the history of mankind. Back in the period, the Romantics believed that the poet represented the spiritual guide of the people, who helped the reader identify their most internal emotions, intuitions and imaginations.

Today, the role of the poet is less certain than during those days and this is the result of numerous changes obvious within the society. During the Romantic period, reading was a primary activity of the population, but today, other distractions exist and make reading less popular. Television for instance, alongside with the internet, computer games and other such distractions make it less tempting for the public to engage in reading poetry. Nowadays then, reading poetry is an activity carefully selected by a niche of the population, such as those interested in spiritual understanding and evolution, or those interested in poetry and literature.

In such a setting then, a question is being posed regarding the role of the poet in today's society. I believe that this role is the same as a century ago. The poet captures the essence of the world and the society in their own unique manner, and reflects it to be understood by others. Then, the poet also captures the essence of the internal emotions, including all joy, sadness, fear, hope as well as any other feeling in the comprehensive real of emotions.

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The poet then plays the role of a fine observer of the world and paints a portrait of it, with the use of masterful words. he/she brings entertainment to the audience, as well as forces them to assess life at a deeper and more meaningful level. All in all, the poet plays the role of adding a new dimension to life.

2. Throughout the past recent decades, the global society has evolved significantly at all social, economic, political or technological levels. The global trend is that of unification and the alignment of values, meaning as such that increased emphasis is placed on the elimination of injustices and discrimination. Nevertheless, despite this stated objective, fact remains that injustices still exist in the world.

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One notable example in this sense is represented by the discrimination still obvious against women. In the more developed western nations, this discrimination is less obvious and includes lower wages of the women as opposed to the men, lower representation in leading management and political functions, as well as a still unbalanced responsibility towards raising children and attending to the household chores.

Within the eastern hemisphere however, the discrimination against women is more dramatic and includes the restricted access to education of some young women; their inability to leave the home without the supervision of a male in their family; the inability to work outside the home and so on.

The forms of protest against the discrimination of women would be approached in two specific manners. Within the western hemisphere, emphasis would be placed on the pressuring of the authorities to render illegal any form of gender-based discrimination. Within the workplace for instance, the slogan would be that of "Performance and hard work, not genitalia!" Within the eastern hemisphere however, the protest would be more sensitive and efforts would revolve around cultural change and the acceptation of evolution within the society.

3. William Blake is one of the most important poets to link poetry with religion and spirituality. His deep conundrums refer to the reasons for the evil in the world, as well as the reasons as to why God would allow the innocent to unjustly suffer. Two important poems in this view include "The Tyger" and "The Lamb," which reflect two contrary states of human existence.

In the first, the tiger is a symbol of power and strength, as well as the ability to cause harm to the other beings. In the second poem, the lamb is a symbol of purity, innocence and patience. The two are different, yet complementary and their combination supports the evolution of existence. The lamb learns to survive with the aid of qualities other than physical strength.

In "The Lamb," the voice of the speaker is softer and in amazement of the innocence of the lamb, whereas in "The Tyger," the voice of the speaker is more powerful, suggesting the strength of the tiger. But aside from the actual physical strength of the tiger, his power is also suggested at a cognitive level, as the tiger is represented as a force of enlightenment, through dimensions such as "On what wings dare he aspire?," "And what shoulder, and what art / Could twist the sinews of thy heart?"

In "A Poisons Tree," Blake approaches the issue of human imperfections and flaws, his foes. He commences by showing that problems can be addressed and resolved, but they can also be ignored and treated in a manner in which they grow and cause more harm; they become a poisonous tree. "I was angry with my friend; / I told my wrath, my wrath did end. / I was angry with my foe: / I told it not, my wrath did grow"

In the two poems "The Chimney Sweeper," the tones are different in that the first of the poems is more dramatic; the chimney sweeper is an orphan, living a tragedy and accepting its true dimension. In second chimney sweeper is a child with living parents who make him clean the chimney, and who accepts the situation with a sad smile.

4. "Lines Composed a few Miles Above Tintern Abbey" is constructed in a less traditional manner, with the usage of combined and complex stanzas. Based on the current division, there are 160 verses, divided into three stanzas. The stanzas are present at verses 23, 49 and 112 and they are highlighted by indentations.

The tone of the poem is rather melancholic, with the poet revisiting the abbey alongside his sister, after an absence of five years. During his absence, events had occurred in the life of the poet and he remembers them. He also reveals how he had though about the abbey while he was missing. This tone of the poem is supported by the paragraph organization of the poem, which is not rhythmic, but which fits into the somber tone of the poem.

"Composed upon a Westminster Bridge" reveals the appreciation of William Wordsworth of London, which he personifies at various instances, such as "a sight so touching in its majesty," "A calm so deep," or "And all that mighty heart is lying still." The poem is filled with romantic influences, such as the emphasis placed on the beauty of nature, the presentation of the city in an intuitive manner or the existence of clear stances that integrate more manner into the poem. In a similar setting, the city of Paris could be described in a more practical manner, in which the romance of the city is combined with the dirt of the tourist city.

Last, in "The World Is Too Much with Us," William Wordsworth reveals how the society is moving away from nature and becoming too involved in the industrial progression. His arguments still apply today, when the populations lead to the demise of the natural environment, instead of living in alignment with it.

5. In "She Walks in Beauty," George Gordon (Lord Byron) praises the qualities of the woman, which would flatter the reader. A response to such as poem from the woman to whom it is addressed could revolve around the following lines:

"My beloved,

Thy words bring joy to my soul;

Flattered do I feel upon your calling me "nameless grace" or "so soft, so calm, yet eloquent"

Not once did it crossed my mind that thy loved me so dearly, and I can only dare respond the same

Thy arte my hope, my prayer and my future

Truly yours"

In "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage," the usage of the Spenserian style in the second stanza is revealed in terms of the strictly defined construction of the stanza, as well as the indentation of the last verse. In the poem, the author apostrophes the sea, and the same model could be used to apostrophe the drought, in prose:

"Oh drought, dry weather! Will you come to an end? Our plants are drying up; our wells are running out of water; our animals suffer and our kids as well. Autumn will soon come and the crops are compromised. We will starve unless rain comes soon."

6. People have always focused on maintaining traditions as a means of preserving cultural values and with the purpose of leaving behind proof of their existence. Although this was easier for architects because the structures that they built stayed almost intact through time, writers found it difficult to do the same, as numerous writings were unsuccessful in surviving time's influence. Society rests on writings that pervaded through time and that people generally acknowledged as being important for humanity from a historical point-of-view. One of the most important concepts regarding human nature relates to how progress… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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