Role and Improving Management Performance Essay

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For instance, by developing a positive communication culture within the department, employees will experience a better working environment, which often results in improved performance (Avolio, Bass & Jung, 2009).

As a nurse shift leader, I will employ the services of the human resource department in performing occasional reviews and appraisals on the performance of the nurses within the adult intensive care unit. I will be involved in measuring the work that is done by different employees and appraising them according to their efforts. In this context, I will examine the inputs from the nurses and determining the rewards that they deserve. The result is that the nurses will be motivated to boost their performance within their unit: this is an important component of boosting the performance in any organization (Schuler, and Jackson, 2007).

Managers play the role of improving performance by providing the needed learning and development opportunities. Learning and development are key components of building performance in any organization. The 21st century has seen an increased emphasis being directed towards learning and development. It will be my responsibility as a nurse shift leader to provide a work atmosphere characterized by learning and development programs across the board. Through developing best learning and development programs, I will improve the value and capabilities of other nurses. Learning and development programs will enable the nurse to build on their skills and competencies. This often leads to increased productivity and enhanced service delivery within the healthcare setting (Benson and Brown, 2011).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Essay on Role and Improving Management Performance: Assignment

In addition, learning and development programs implemented by managers often lead to innovation, and creativity in the place of work. Through the implementation of learning and development programs in an organizational setting, employees will learn how to do new things, they learn how they can be innovative, and how they can improve on their value in the organization. I will endeavor to do this at the health care unit. Such programs often lead to a positive attitude change among workers, leading to improved work performance. Through learning and development programs, people learn about new skills and competencies, and are challenged to take on new initiatives (Morris et al., 2009).

Indeed, innovation and creativity are highly coveted values because of the high positive impact that they have on work performance. In the 21st century, leading organizations have been known to be organizations that are highly innovative, and are focused towards excellence. Therefore, I will play the key role of boosting performance by encouraging the nurses to embrace new approaches of work when handling challenging tasks. This makes it possible for work performance to improve in terms of volume of work in the given work setting. This also adds value to the sustainability of the unit and its future in providing cutting-edge services within the hospital and in the industry (Awamleh & Gardner, 2004).

My role as a nurse shift leader will also revolve around improving the performance of the department by engaging in strategic planning. Strategic planning is an important element in improving performance in any organization. Managers have the responsibility of boosting the performance of workers by ensuring that the laid plans are well organized whilst promoting the smooth operation of the business (Alannah & Mark, 2004). I will be highly involved in the strategic planning process, thereby enabling the adult intensive care unit to succeed and sustain itself in the long run. Through strategic planning, the broader objectives of the organization are identified leading to the smooth flow of work in an organizational setting, which ultimately leads to improved work performance (Schuler, and Jackson, 2007).

In addition, managers promote organizational commitment by establishing useful employee recognition incentives. Employees play a key role in boosting the performance of any given organization. They ensure that all organizational processes are conducted well to meet the targets of the organization, through devoting their efforts to increasing the commitment of workers in an organization. I will be responsible as a nurse shift leader with the development of clear structures aimed at improving the workplace within the hospital. In fact, I will be at the center of all the processes of improving the work environment, which ultimately boosts employee performance. Nursing working in comfortable working environments will end up owning the vision of their organizations resulting in their improved work performance (Alannah & Mark 2004).

My role as a nurse shift leader is critical for the success of the intensive care units. For me to execute these roles effectively, I will have to be flexible and understanding to both my employees and my adult clients. Nursing is a complex practice and is not like any other business where poor decisions have second chances. I will be expected to make decisions geared at ensuring that human life is saved. Compared to other organizations, business can make decisions that can result in loss making but they will still recover. However, this is not possible in nursing and other healthcare organizations. Losses (loss of life) occur and this requires that employees in organizations of this nature to be managed appropriately. I will strive to achieve this at all times through the formulation of strategies, creation of conducive working environments, and coordinating all activities appropriately (Berson, Shamir, Avolio, & Popper, 2003).


In this study, I clearly elucidated my management role, which is critical in the improvement of performance within the adult intensive care unit. Managers organize their work with the intention of boosting employee performance. The focus of all leaders is to ensure that all employees perform optimally. This cannot be achieved without the key input from the management team ensuring that all work processes are organized in a manner that fosters optimal performance. Without my contribution as a manager, it will be difficult for the healthcare unit to move in the right direction of offering quality services to the adult clients in ICU.


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